Circuit City

Circuit City Punks Out.  Welcome to America.  Where ccapitalism rules.  It’s all about making the maximum profit with no concern for employees.  Circuit City has decided to lay off 3,400 employees citing they needed to cut cost.  And in the same statement, had the nerve to say that they will replace those workers with new employees who will work for less.  No who do you think these people will be? Undocumented workers.

The Neo-Cons and republicans will claim that this is capitalism at its best; that this is what makes America great.  I am sure Limbaugh and the others will say that this will affect mostly teenagers who were working just to make some pocket change, but they are wrong. There are many adults who are working class who depend on these jobs. 

In the USAToday article this one butthole said:

“If lower-cost labor is available, it’s the right thing to do. They’re not a charity,” says Francie Dalton of Columbia, Md., president of Dalton Alliances, a management consultancy. “If it was your business and you have lower-cost labor available, you should do the same thing.”

This type of attitude without regard of the humans that are affected by this, which makes this country one of the wealthiest, but also one of the most selfish and self centered.  So who will this new workers be?  Who is willing to work for less then what they are worth?  Who will take the jobs of these workers who had knowledge in the products they sold?  You take a stab at it.

The working and middle class is under attack by the elitist in this country, who have found 2 new source of increasing revenue, undocumented workers and outsourcing.  America needs to wake up.  The elitist could care less about the working class in this country. 


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