Prince George’s County Teachers Aid: Harassed by 10 y/o Student

Kevin Wilson, a teachers aid, was being harassed by a 10 y/o girl.  It even got to the point where school officials had to move her to another class.  But that did not help.  She would approach him in the cafeteria during lunch, and even grabbed his butt.  After much complaining and letter writing he was fired. 

This little girl is obviously needs help and since the mom has been notified and she knows about the problem, she needs to find mental care for this child.  What if this child starts to mess with other students, who’s to say that she hasn’t all ready.  What in the hell is going on Prince George’s County?  Crime and education are two big problems in this county that policy makers don’t want to deal with.


One Response

  1. This is unbelievable Im really wondering about how the little girl was raised, also this sounds like a behavior issue I thinking this girl should be put in special ed or wherever they place the kids with behavior problems at.

    I wonder what the mother did after the initial meeting about the incident, how come her daughter keeps harrasing a grown as man.

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