Correct me if I am wrong, Lisa Novak gets caught trying to assault a fellow employee over a man who she thought was hers (even though she is married) and she gets a new job?  

Let’s break this down:

  • She traveled 950 miles from Houston to Florida to meet this woman at the airport
  • During  her 950 mile trip to attack her co-worker, she wore a space diaper to avoid bathroom stops
  • Police found the following accessories (also found in a list she composed) in her car:   

  A Steel Mallet, Folding knife, Rubber tube, Bus Schedules and maps, Trench Coat and a wig.

 Well Damn!!  If I would have known that all I had to do was take a road trip and threaten a co-worker to get a transfer and a new job, I wold have done that a long time ago……lol  I know I know, that was wrong for me to say, but hey, I need a laugh from time to time


One Response

  1. Don’t forget that We all pay her salary too.

    Nice, safe country, huh?

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