15 y/o Shaquanda Cotton is Free!!!!


Shaquanda Cotton is Free!!  All of the emails and letters to the city of Paris, TX and to the Governor’s Office paid off.  Here is an excerpt from the Chicago Tribune

HOUSTON — Shaquanda Cotton, the black teenager in the small east Texas town of Paris whose prison sentence of up to 7 years for shoving a teacher’s aide sparked nationwide controversy, will be released Saturday morning, prison officials confirmed on Friday.

Her release, ordered by a special conservator appointed to overhaul the state’s scandal-ridden juvenile prison system, is the first of what could be hundreds as a panel of civil rights leaders begins reviewing the sentences of every youth incarcerated by the Texas Youth Commission to weed out those being held arbitrarily.

Some people say Civil Rights is an issue of the past.  But this as well as many other cases prove otherwise.  Systemic ooppression and racism is alive and well in certain parts of this country.  Our criminal system in certain states are sub-par and still operate and function as descendants of the Jim Crow past. 


2 Responses

  1. ” Some people say Civil Rights is an issue of the past. But this as well as many other cases prove otherwise. Systemic ooppression and racism is alive and well in certain parts of this country.”

    mark bey: Yo Native racism is over the top and the fact that the judge sentenced this young lady was sentenced to 7 years is only a reflection of what blacks and our leadership have been claiming for a long time.

    If we know that the man is out to get us then it seems to me that black folks really need to do something about the behavior of thier kids.

    That young lady had absolutely no business pushing that hall monitor, under your beautiful plan of holding parents accountable for the actions of thier children the mother still would held responsible. Everyone knows about the behavior problems of black children, when I ride the subway to word and home the black kids are always the ones out of control, too loud, disrespectful,overly biostrious, ect.

    When we act out in public you give the man a chance to at least label us as anti social. Native racism is absolutely no excuse for retarded behavior.

    I hope the mother and daughter both learn from this expierence and get her act together.

  2. Also the texas Juvenile Justice system needs to purged and all of the convictions for kids need to revisited. Also the level of rascism in paris texas dosent suprise me as they burned a black man alive named henry smith in 1893.

    In my mind Native racism is all the more reason for black folk to cut out the ridicolous behavior and get united and working in the direction of a better black america.

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