Hillary Who?

Hillary and her camp just knew they were going to trump the democratic race in the fund raising department.  People are getting tired of politics as usual and it suggest that maybe there is a call for fresh new faces on the hill and in the White House.  Obama’s Campaign Takes In $25 Million.  Is running neck to neck with the Clinton campaign.  The majority of Clinton’s donation came from special interest groups.  The majority of Obama donors were your average citizens.


3 Responses

  1. I think most Americans are sick and tired of candidates selling out to the highest bidder who will of course then own the candidates. 60% of Democrat’s campaign money comes from Jews who then expect them to serve the interests of Israel. I will never support Hillary because she has pledged all support for Israel. She can be president of Israel.

    It is interesting that you seem to support Obama but you have not said anything about what he represents or what he would do once in office. do you support him because he is black or at least his father is black?

    It seems all politics is about race but things only become racist when white people do them.

  2. thesouthtoday:

    I have not said who I will endorse. My post did indicate who I am supporting. I am just responding to the article because the Hillary camp knew that they had the edge when it came to fundraising because of the Clinton legacy. It is too early for me to make a decision on who to support.

    I will make that decision once the debates begin. There will more info (good and bad) forthecoming on all of the hopefulls. I would never support someone just because they are black, or just because they are a woman. When it comes to the war on Iraq Hillary and Obama are basically saying the same thing and I disagree with both of them on who and why we should keep some troop presence in Iraq.

    You mentioned that 60% of deocratic funds come from Jewish people who want to protect the interest of Israel. They have the right to give money to who they want.

    The bigger question is who gives the most to Republicans? Elitist wealthy people who represent huge corporate interest who care nothing about the common Americans especially when it comes to minorites. That is the game of politics, the system that the elitist of this country created. So before you start talking about Jewish poeple, you need to take a look at the political process as a whole. Regardless if you are Jewish or not. It’s all about money in politics, which is where the system breaks down.

  3. Did you know that Rahm Emanuel is an Israeli and that he controls who gets the democratic party nominations.

    John Edwards has put forward his policies and what he would do if he became POTUS and as far as I know he and Dennis Kucinich are the only two who have done that. What do you think of them.

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