Troop Pullout would be defeat for who?

Who does President bush think he is kidding?  (Bush Tells Troops Pullout Would Be Accepting Defeat.) Bush and his administration told the U.N. and the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which turned out to be a lie.  Yet we still invaded Iraq. Almost 5 years, 500 billion dollars later, we have lost thousands of soldiers.  And for what?

Are we safer?  The 500 billion dollars we have invested in this war based on false intelligence, we could have used to secure our borders conduct covert operations using CIA agents in Iraq and would have been a hell of a lot safer.  But we all know why we are over in Iraq….. OIL

The defeat that Bush is talking about is the Economic defeat.  China has a huge hold over us.  They buy our bonds and stock and have a huge footprint in our economy.  And China is now working on a deal with Venezuela: China and Venezuela to sign big oil deals. And we know how much Bush loves Venezuela.  And I guarantee you that he is not happy with this new venture between China and Venezuela.  it would be cutting the profits and power that this country has in the global economy. 

Democrats have presented  the President with a bill giving our troops funding, they have not left them high and dry like he is going around telling people.  The people spoke last November to put new policy  makers on the hill to invoke changes in policy which includes the war.  The President has decided that he is the “decider” like he ignorantly said in a previous speech.  This may be your war President bush, but the people are the ones who elected law makers to be the checks and balances to the executive office.  Stop lying to our troops!!!!


3 Responses

  1. The age of colonialism is over. We don’t have to colonize China in order for Walmart to be there. We don’t have to colonize India or Mexico in order to take advantage of cheap labor. We don’t have to colonize Iraq in order to control the oil. Clinton/Gore controlled Iraq’s oil and had an embargo and controlled two thirds of Iraq’s airspace.

    You might understand how we came to be in Iraq by reading this article.

    China is a threat to us economically and the United States is a nation in decline because every policy is based upon the needs of international corporations rather than the interests of the United States and our people.

    Our economy is based upon the petro dollar and the vile evil neocons have already provoked two oil rich nations into switching to selling their oil in Euros. Iran has set up a Borse to trade in Euros which almost forces our hand to go to war if we don’t get the neocons and Zionists out of our government and bring back statesmenship and diplomacy.

    There is a way for us to remain strong but the people in public office don’t care about us or our country and that is the problem with elections’ outcomes depending upon who can collect the most money.

    We seem to no longer be a nation of “one from many”. We are a nation of groups with each seeking its own interests. We support Israel which the jews are seeking to make a “pure” Jewish state. Isn’t it preposturous that the ones excluded from the state should be the ones to secure it. Nevertheless Israel is dependent upon the United States.

    Isn’t this a slippery slope. If the United States has come down to the level of creating pure states then why shouldn’t we have a pure white Christian country here.

    The United Nations has perdicted that by 2050 the western nations will be overrun with immigrants from Africa, Asia and the middle east. We already see what problems the French or having with immigrants from Africa and the British people are leaving Great Britian because of them and there is talk of Europe becoming Islamic and even the Pope is weighing in on the subject. google “united nations migration africa asia middle east western nation”.

    White people will be overwhelmed simply because people in backward countries breed like flies.

    Why shouldn’t we create our own pure state and protect ourselves rather that secure Israel for Jews?

    We have seen what happens when Mexicans come up here. They seek only their own interests and soon they will outnumber us. What would you do? You support Obama don’t you? Why?

  2. thesouthtoday:

    Once again, I have not deicded who to support. It is too early for me to make my decision. And what is up with you and Jewish people?

  3. If blacks had as much power in government as the jews do then you would be asking “whats up with you and black people”. Jews should be accountable for what they do in government if they can’t stand the heat then they should get out of the kitchen.

    I was trying to make the point that we shouldn’t be supporting Israel because of what they are doing to the Palestinians. Its no different than if we attempted to create a christian state or an aryan state. Therefore…… Jews must have a lot of power in government since we have come down to that level. Get it.

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