Update: Warrant issued for Prince George’s County Police Officer Keith Washington

Well damn it’s about time. Officer Keith Washington has been in a lot of trouble for the past few months and the County Police have finally issued a warrant for his arrest.  The latest stunt he pulled was on Thursday.  A appraiser claims that Washington pulled a gun out on him as well. 

Arrest Warrant Issued For Officer Under Investigation
Appraiser Claims Washington Displayed Gun


2 Responses

  1. That guy is commical in his ability to live out all of the most extreme fears the black community has against the police.

    That guy is a real clown as far as Im concerned.

  2. His powers should have been suspended right after the first incident. I am glad, though that it has been done finally. This man appears to be mentally unstable, and it is frightening to think that he patrolled the streets of the community and had the legal authority to take someone’s life. He makes cops who do their jobs in an honorable fashion look plain bad, and as far as I’m concerend, the off-duty conduct of an officer is just as important as when on patrol. In fact, I have just as much, maybe even more contempt for cops like him than I do the criminals.

    I hope he does eventually answer for the killing of the deliverman, Mr. Clark, and that his family receives the closure and justice they are due.

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