Don Imus Puts Foot in His Mouth: Again and Again and Again…

Don Imus is at it again.  Imus called women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos”  Imus called the Rutgers Woman Basketball team, which consist of mostly black woman “nappy-headed hos”  In this country, we are culturally conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalized black people.  And sometimes we do it to ourselves.

Some of us in the black community, especially our hip-hop artist have lowered the bar when it comes to self-respect and self-love for our people.  We all know that our own musical artists call woman bitches and hos.  We have lowered the bar for ourselves which opens the flood gates for other people to easily say these types of comments.  But this still does not excuse the blatant racist comments made by Imus.

We need to follow the example of Jewish people.  In Richardson’s CBA contract not renewed.  Michael Ray Richardson, (whosesecond wife is Jewish and he has a child by her) called a heckler in the stands a gay slur.  During an interview about the incident he made the comments that he had real good Jew lawyers. 

“I’ve got big-time lawyers. I’ve got big-time Jew lawyers,” Richardson was quoted as saying.

“They got a lot of power in this world, you know what I mean? Which I think is great,”

Richardson told the Times Union. “I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it. If you look in most professional sports, they’re run by Jewish people. If you look at a lot of most successful corporations and stuff, more businesses, they’re run by Jewish (people). It’s not a knock, but they are some crafty people.”

As a result he has been suspended and will probably be fired.  Some may ask what the big deal is about calling Jewish people crafty and smart.  The reason why these statements are considered Anti-Semitic are because the Nazis said the same thing about Jewish people. As we all know what the Nazis did to Jewish people.  They stereotyped a whole group of people and their hatred ran so deep that they attempted to wipe them off the face of the planet.

Apology Not Accpected IMUS

Imus needs to be fired.  I am tired of NBC allowing this bastard to make ignorant racist comments over and over again without recourse.  Where is the National Organization for Woman (NOW)??  Where are all the feminist groups who usually would have been the first people to say something?  Could it be that the Rutgers woman basketball team are not the right color?  Or maybe I should just assume that they haven’t heard about it yet?   Or maybe since the comments were racist and feminist, they think this matter should be dealt with by the Civil Rights Organizations?  NOW has checked out for the building ladies and gentleman; you can hear a pin drop.


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  1. Yo Native I cannot understand why they allow that show to continue broadcasting and that McGurk guy is a hard corp racist. Hes been spewing his hard corp racist crap for a long time, it is truly unbeliveble.
    Also I agree with your larger point of not marginilizing ourselves by calling each other that. We must stop doing things to undermind ourselves as human biengs.

    That includes holding press conferences when white people do racist things or when the cops beats, injure or kills someone but not doing the same about the murder and crime in neigborhoods where our children live. It will take the church as well as the most dynamic and thoughtful leadership in the black community to make a difference.

  2. “Where is the National Organization for Woman (NOW)?? Where are all the feminist groups who usually would have been the first people to say something? Could it be that these woman are not the right color?”

    You hit it square – feminist organizations are some of the most racist organizations out there. Do you read BrownFemiPower’s blog? This is a constant conversation amongst us women of color. The established feminist organizations exist to promote upper middle class white women’s needs and they marginalize poor white women and women of color. When this is brought up, you end up in a huge argument about how women all have to stick together and not separate based on race, which is the white women’s way of saying “stop expecting me to deal with my white privelage when I’m fighting the man” and “you should just help us fight against male privelage”. They don’t grasp that they are still part of a heirarchy that neglects our needs, and they demonize colored men and expect us to distance ourselves from our men based on gender issues, without understanding that we are still linked on the race issues and don’t want to just throw all the men out all together. NOW, the Feminist Majority and other organizations like them will NEVER stand up about something that is directed at women of color unless they can take credit for saving us from ourselves and further make our own men look bad. That is why they can band around “saving” Afghan women from the burqa and dismiss the women that believe in it, but will never say a word about how black American women are spoken of by a white guy.

    Also, I really truly think that there is a exoticizing of women of color from other backgrounds that does not happen for AA women. As a Muslim, some men will find my covering sexy, as a Native, some think of Pocahantas, and many men think of Latinas as fiery sex goddesses, Asian women as submissive sex goddesses, etc. But for the black woman, there is no such exoticising. She is just an animal to the white majority, a breeder at most, so no one defends the black woman when she is dogged out. And this is extremely shameful and wrong.

  3. NOW actually did make a statement, and they have a form letter people can send.

  4. Hey Rachel:

    Yeah they posted it today

  5. […] Don Imus Puts Foot in His Mouth: Again and Again and Again… […]

  6. Native Son..While Imus did indeed make a racist comment, does that in actuality deem him a racist? Maybe, maybe not. However, he should make redress to this situation, which he has began by meeting with the team. I also have to keep asking myself if something was smoldering inside of him that compelled him to make such a comment. Frankly, I don’t know what happened, beacuse the man has done a lot of good despite these ugly remarks.

    I also have to agree..When we as a people continue to de-value and kill each other on a daily basis, call each other the ‘N” word, it just give outside parties a green light to make debilitating statements.

    As for forgiveness..yes, beacause without it, there can be no healing. Still, Mr. Imus must earn that forgiveness.

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