What a Week

It has been a very hard week for me.  Imus Imus Imus. If you hadn’t heard Imus and his producer referred to the black woman on the Rutgers Woman’s Basketball team as “a bunch of nappy-headed hos” 

At first I though that he should be fired for his comments.  Imus reached out to Al Sharpton and appeared on his show.  Then I thought suspension was adequate.  If you make sexist and racist comment on FCC regulated airwaves, then he should be penalized. But then last night MSNBC and CBS Radio has decided to suspend Imus for 2 weeks.  But the suspension doesn’t start until this Monday; wait a minute….

So for the remainder of the week, he will be allowed to stay on the air to receive phone calls from his supporters and get high ratings for making these comments.  I thought that suspensions were always effective immediately, because you are punishing the person for misconduct.  This leads me to believe that MSNBC and CBS really didn’t find what Imus said to be offensive.  Am I reading too much into this?  Eugene Robinson wrote a great op-ed piece in the Post called Mysogyny in the Morning .  Even T.D. Jakes has sounded offon the issue.   National Action Network, the NAACP, Rainbow Push, and NABJ do not think this puishment is enough and are still demanding that Imus be fired.


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