Black Reality TV

Am I being too critical?  Am I being paranoid or is I love the New York, The Flavor of Love and College Hill the most ignorant relaity shows on television? 

A friend called me Sunday night an told me to turn to VH-1; and what did I see?  I saw what looked liked like the Jerry Springer Show.  But it wasn’t, it was the I love New York Reunion.  When I watch shows like Flavor of Love and I love NY it reminds me so much of Spike Lee’s movie Bamboozled.  It furthered bothered me that co-workers sat around the water cooler and actually had in depth conversations about how funny the show was.  Maybe I just take things too seriously.  Maybe I need to chill out….

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  1. I totally agree with you. White folks who own these networks, except for College Hill, (BET) that network is owned by a black person, use us as guinea pigs and make fun of us. They dangle something in our face like money, something shiny or flashy and we grab it like slaves still on a plantation begging massa to be free. When will black people wake up and smell the coffee?

  2. it is what it is… someone asked for it, and this is what they got. in all fairness, have you spent any time watching MTV’s Real World or Road Rules? people will do just about anything to be on television these days.

    but i will agree that “I Love NY” has taken “coonery” to a new high? low? well, you know what i mean! *smile*

    by the way, i like this blog and have added it to my AfroSpear list… please add plezWorld to your BlogRoll… thanks!

  3. To relate to your dismay: I am a registered nurse. Have you watched Grey’s Anatomy, House, Scrubs, etc.? They barely depict nurses, and when they do, they are pathetic, stereotypical superficial characters. Or they use the word nurse as an insult or punchline. I tried to educate my colleagues about how damaging these views are of the nursing profession, how it does (proven) affect the general public’s view of what we do (or what they think we do, which is empty bedpans and run for the doctor every two minutes looking lost) and contributes to how we are treated by people and patients. But, to my consternation, many think it is “only tv” and are wrapped up in the drama of doctors in love. Nursing now has a “Center for Nursing Advocacy” that promotes nursing/goes after media misrepresentations. Do African-Americans have a group like that? I have read in your other posts that you are also dismayed by the reactions/non-reactions in the black community to hip-hop/rap’s negative effect on perceptions of the black community. I think there are many parallels here- until people really want to act, this crap will continue to be there unchallenged. I enjoy your blog and find it refreshing!

  4. Kerry:

    Thanks for the compliment. The NAACP is supposed to be the Civil Rights policy arm for the community, but in recent years in my opinion, they have dropped the ball. They are stuck in time and refuse to refresh their tactics, which is why Bruce Gordon resigned after on more than a year. I am sure there are black artist unions, but most these people are on the side of freedom of speech.

    As much as people love to hate him, Al Sharpton lashed out against the show Flavor of Love and I love New York.

  5. I wonder, did Al criticize the producers, networks, and/or the actors? I would hope it would be all three. I think the actors/participants should be held accountable for cashing in on their role in trashing their culture and community! I feel the same way about the “nurse resource” persons who help guide the plot lines of the medical shows. Readers Digest just did a big story on the shows and mentioned a nurse who does just that. The misrepresentation of nurses on those shows was not mentioned.
    I think that Al has gained a reputation as someone who has gained personally from attacking white people. But, I have seen him on various programs and I don’t think he is all that bad. He is well spoken and articulate on many issues, I just think he should be more outspoken on the responsibility (irresponsibility) of some African American performers/actors who degrade the community and contribute to moral decay!
    Of course, the power of blogs and the widening array of points of view in the public eye (ie Fox vs. Msnbc) is actually helping, I think. Atleast people are talking and debating.

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