Idiot of the Week: Neal Boortz

I knew it was a matter of time before someone said something so damn stupid out of their mouths; and Neal Boortz  stepped up to the plate.  Big Bad Boortz blames the victims for not fighting back against the gunman.  I forgot that Boortz was trained by Chuck Norris in martial arts…..

No one on the Campus of Virginia Tech could have imagined that they were going to get shot while attending class.  We don’t know what was going through the minds of the people who caught in the middle of a mad man.  Here is a bit of what this idiot said:

How the hell do 25 students allow themselves to be lined up against the wall in a classroom and picked off one by one? How does that happen, when they could have rushed the gunman, the shooter, and most of them would have survived?”  

It seems that standing in terror waiting for your turn to be executed was the right thing to do, and any questions as to why 25 students didn’t try to rush and overpower Cho Seung-Hui are just examples of right wing maniacal bias. Surrender — comply — adjust. The doctrine of the left. … Even the suggestion that young adults should actually engage in an act of self defense brings howls of protest.”

It is real easy for his rusty ass to sit behind a radio booth and talk shit.  If he was in that same situation he would not have been able to do a damn thing.  Boortz is a punk!  And then to turn this into a political issue is outrageous.  Boortz believes that all of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre are wusses who have bought in the liberal mindset of Surrender, Comply and Adjust. 

Boortz is a coward anda punk!!  But this just shows the gung ho John Wayne attitude of most conservatives, which is why we are in Iraq right now.  They only care about themselves and their interest in controlling power. And they will do anything to keep control of this power, even at the expense of exploiting and lying to the people.  Which is why you see them linking what happened at Virginia Tech to terrorism and the invasion in Iraq.


13 Responses

  1. That dude is a real jerk. The repubs are bunch of chickenhawks.

  2. Yeah..Boortz is an idiot. I also thought that was very disrespectful. Those people dies with more dignity than he will EVER have.

    Markbey..I think one can be a republican without being vulgar or repulsive. I definitely welcome opposing views..It’s how they are projected, and Boortz and Rush have demonstrated over time that they are incapable of doing such.

  3. Please pardon my spelling error.

  4. @ gil

    mark bey: Gil what I said had nothing to do with republicans bieng repulsive and vulgar. Thier are enough democrats who are repulsive and volunteers as it is so I would never go there. My problem with them is that I think they are blatant hypocrits they preach on a thing (christian values for example, or honor and decency and professionalism in politics), then they turn around and do something else.

    The are selfish and full of shi#

    Sorry if your a republican gil.

  5. I’m not not affiliated with any particular party, Mark..You know the old cliche about the man or woman being more important than the party? That’s my feeling. I feel all parties have their good and bad points.

  6. I would agree with you, but I think the republicans at this point are particular offensive and hypocritical. The lie and claim they are more fiscally responsible, they demonized bill clinton for infedility while the main witch hunter (Newt Gingrich) was cheating on his wife at the time, They demonize gay people (for political reason to get the vote of the simple minded religous people many of whom are black) when they have one of thier senators is pedophile. I mean for gods sake these people are even trying to get religion into system, when they (the catholics, baptist, Jehova) cannot even agree on which bible use. This is retarted you cant force what would eventually be thousands of different spiritual philosphies onto kids by school prayer and teaching “Creationism and Intellgent design). They would never agree on a school prayer. Thats not even factoring in Judism or Islam. They are trying to push their religion as truth when the different sects dont even agree on whats truth. They are trying to make public policy based on religion, that is retarted.

    And the republicans manipulated that into imply that they were the party of christianity. Also they used that and the general american publics disgust in homosexuality to not only pass legislation against gays but also to demonize gay people in general as non humans.

    The worse part is, they encourage a certain kind of ignorance and irresponsibility in the american public. They manipulated the american population’s deep connection with spirituality to put a moron in office because he claims hes a christian.

    Then worse of the promised deceny and competence In fact they played the moral bigtime then fill the goverment with slime and slime behavior. That is pure hypocrisy which I detest more than anything else.

    But I feel when you say that blacks shouldnt vote or at least sell our votes so cheaply to only democrats. I agree I would never endorse democrats or anyone else as it stands right now. We should have no permanent parties only permanent interest as Jewish folks say.

    The fundamental reasons why I really despise the republicans now is because reek of the attitude that they only they can make mistakes or human and still maintain credibility and all that comes along with that including public office.

    They put a completly incompetent moron in office, who ran on decency and competence and has failed miserably at both.

  7. i used to listen to Neil Boortz when i was a college student in atlanta in the late 80’s. but over the years, he has grown more cynical and more like a curmudgeon (like Don Imus)… insensitive comments like this, and thoughts that fuel insensitive comments like this is what got Don Imus fired… i’m sure the same fate awaits Mr. Boortz!

    by the way, Neil Boortz is not a republican… he claims to be a libertarian (a few shades of difference there).

  8. ” by the way, Neil Boortz is not a republican… he claims to be a libertarian (a few shades of difference there).”

    mark bey: With libertarians I cannot tell sometimes plez, I just know the guy is real jerk. I think he said something derogatory about Cynthia McKinney not that I like her either but white boys in the media are definately not allowed to say anything derogatory about black women and oh I think Cynthia McKinney is arrogant and embarassament to black folk.

  9. Well said, Mark Bey..Heck..Bush won’t even come down on Mr. Gonzales, so that should tell you something right there.

    As for the talk shows..Boortz, Limbaugh, Savage..They come across as very crass and crude. I listen to Hannity sometimes, even though I don’t agree with everything he says. However, he is at least a gentleman and delivers his message in a civil manner.

  10. @ gil

    mark bey: did you listen to the hearings with Gonzalez yesterday, congress ripped his A-hole wide open.

  11. Hey Mark:

    Congress laid into his butt. Andgood for him. When you have members of you own party against you, that is sad. He needs to resign, but as long as G-Dub says that he supports him, he is trying to act tough. I think he will not be able to last too much longer. But once he does leave, he will have leaved behind a huge mess to clean up. Thanks to this Administration they have broken many laws and the Patriot Act only made it worse.

  12. Mark..They handed his ass to him, especially Specter. The man should preserve what dignity he has left and step down. Trust me..He can still get a decent job in private practice. Plus, given the current crime situation in this country, this is one office that cannot be compromised one bit.

  13. @ gil

    mark bey: What you say is true but you know how life is for the repubs they walk in torrential thunderstorms without getting wet. I guess god blessed them with that ability.

    What I want to know is who in the white house decided which federal attorneys would be fired. Do you guys think those emails will ever turn and if they do will they turn up complete or with deletions.

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