Mass Media: Reporting or Exploiting?

This morning I am really pissed off.  The media, in my opinion is contributing to desensitization of people in this country.  I do understand that the media has an obligation to report the facts and the stories that affect all of us.  But this is too much

I don’t know about everyone else, but I could only watch the Cho Seung Hui video clip footage  once.  I do not understand why the national television and cable networks feel it is necessary to continually re-air and loop the pictures and video footage?  Why do the networks feel the need to not only reloop the footage, but use it as their backdrops while they are reporting? 

The most outrageous thing that I saw last night, on every cable network, was cable anchors interviewing students while running the Hui video tape in the background.  Why would you do that? 

I know when I watched it the first time, chills ran up and down my back.  This guy was obviously mentally disturbed; you could tell by his facial expressions, his sense of urgency and conviction in what he was saying; this guy was mentally ill.

We have seen and heard chilling accounts by the students and professors of this horrible event.  We have heard from the former roommates of the Cho Seung Hui.  Everyone interviewed has said that something was not right with him.  

These are the same networks, who won’t even show fans who jump out on the fields during sporting events for fear that fans would copycat.  What do they think constantly showing this video tape will do.  Just look at the number of bomb threats that were made against colleges and grade schools throughout the country yesterday. What’s your take on this?  Is this responsible reporting?


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