Big Ain’t Always Sexy


Okay, after Jason Whitlock’s 15 minutes of fame, he has now interviewed for Imus’s spot on MSNBC.  Whitlock, who accused Jessie Jackson, Al Shaprton and coach Stringer of trying to gain extra publicity, lashed out at everyone during the Imus scandal.  He was on every major cable network giving his views and opinions which landed him on Oprah.  So who is the real media whore in all of this?  I have read many of Whitlock’s commentaries on hip-hop and sports, which I have agreed with to a certain extent.  But the last article he wrote was way over the line.

Whitlock claimed that when people like Imus go on Sharpton’s and Jackson’s shows that it is like negotiating with terrorist.  Now I don’t agree with everything Jackson and Sharpton do, but I would never compare them to terrorist.  They have been in the fore front on issues in our community when most of us just sit around and discuss it with no action.  Whitlock constantly bashes hip-hop, which I don’t have a problem with; but what has he done about the problem with hip-hop besides just write and complain about it?  What has Jason done in the communities to give back? 

In this day and age Post 9-11 I could not even part my lips to compare them to terrorist.  And now he wants Imus’s job?  I can think of many political and socially conscience black men and women who qualify for this position.  Jason should stick to sports and spare-ribs (I know I know behave Native Son, behave).  He does not have the personality for a cable television show.  We have so many black journalist who have paid their dues time afte time, and for the sake of ratings just can’t get a break.  These are the people MSNBC should be searching for, not Whitlock. Big ain’t always sexy.


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  1. Yo Native great article a lot of what he said I agree with but I think is somewhat of a hypcrit for applying for Imuses Job. Also dont hold back on chubby he deserves I got yo back my brotha.

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