Justice Clarence Thomas

I read this story and for a second, started to feel for Thomas.  Then reality set in.  Learning more about Thomas’s family really makes me wonder how someone form his background could have conservative view points.  The only thing I can think of is self-hatred.

Justice Thomas did not have a close relationship with his family.  They grew up in a small town that felt the affects of post Jim Crow; the country told us seperate and unequal was unconstitutional and laws were created to grant equal rights.  What these laws did not prevent, was the sharing of power and resources.  White owned companies moved away from towns that were integrated leaving black folk without jobs.  Poverty set in and the vicious cycle began. 

Thomas is a product of this cycle, he is to be applauded for rising against the odds; but what price did he pay to get to where he is at?  He has developed a right wing philosophy and refuses to acknowledge the obstacles and systemic historic social problems that plague people of color in record numbers.

He, like many other black conservatives fail to realize that the very same programs they oppose (Affirmative Action) is the reason why he was able to accomplish all that he has today.  No one is saying that we can’t promote self determination in our community, but we must understand that this is social problem which will take objective and well thought of social policy to correct. 

There are many black men and women who are disproportionately given longer sentences than our White counterparts for the same charges.  And check this percentage out, 62 percent of crack users are white yet 97 percent of people in jail on crack charges are black.  So crack is not a drug exclusively used by black folk, like this country would want you to think. 

And with the many problems of our legal system, we have never heard Clarence Thomas once even acknowledge that these disparities exist.  Take a look at this portion of the article:

Thomas maintains a distant but emotional attachment to his home town. He is always curious. Sometimes he will ask his old friends about Pin Point’s youths. Why are so many of them throwing their lives away? He’ll talk about the need to sit with some of the senior citizens before their perspectives on history are lost. Each summer, his curiosity is stoked further when a slice of Pin Point comes to him.

He all ready knows the answer to these questions; he was born in Pin Point; he was fortunate that when his family house burned down, he was able to move with his grandfather in SSavannah and live a comfortable life.  Poverty breeds hopelessness and despair.  Maybe if we would go back to his town and speak to the people, it would give them motivation.  But I forgot, its all their fault…..

Then of course there is always the good town Pastor. Here is what he had to say:

Sure, Sills says, the justice’s advice and contacts could help the quality of life in Pin Point. But the pastor thinks that too much is expected of Thomas. “I think if our people took more time to encourage him,” admonished Sills, “he’d do more.”

Pastor Sills are you serious?  Are the people from his hometown asking for money??  Are they blowing up his cell phone everyday asking for hand-outs like most Conservatives like to call it?  I don’t think they are.  I wonder what Pastor Sills is doing to improve the quality of life for the people ofPin Point?  Maybe the congregation and community need to expect more from Pastor, since he feels they expect too much from Thomas…..

You can be a black Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative for all I care.  Regardless of what your political views are, you can not alter history.  do we have problems in the black community?  Yes we do, but it is up to us to save us.  so you can turn your back on your people once you have “made it”  if you want, but you can not change your skin color; it is with you forever.


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  1. Good post Native, I really dislike that clarence thomas guy. His silly ass has the nerve to wonder why the american black community igs his coonish as#. This fool needs to get his highly educated ass in the struggle regardless of what his political leaning are. He is a real jerk.

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