“Stop Snitchin”

I saw this on 60 minutes  online through yahoo.  Please take a moment to view the video clips on the site.  Any little respect I had for Busta is all of the window.  I completely understand that there is a rocky relationship between the police and some in the black community, but to think that we would let that get in the way with coming forward with information about black people killing black people is not only wrong, but it is self hatred.  It is genocide, by our own hands.  Poverty does not breed ignorance.  Poor does not equate to ignorance or civil disobedience.  And we have turned  “Stop Snitching” into our culture; it is self destructive, and it is a manifestation of cultural conditioning.

 Ignorance breeds ignorance.  I have no respect for Busta, The Game, Cam’Ron or to any other hip-hop artist who continue to spread this cancer in black communities.  These idiots have millions of dollars and can afford body guards if it had to come to it.  These rappers don’t live in the hood with the rest of these black folk; they know that these hoods look up to them and they continue to sell their own people out.  And the kids in the 60 Minute videos, where are their parents?  These young kids ranged from 12-17.  What parent in their right mind would allow their child to come on national TV and spew such ignorance?  

I want to meet the parents of these children and smack the you know what out of them.  This is why we are loosing our youth. This is why those of us who are against certain Hip-Hop artist and their lyrics are outraged because in a perfect world we could use the excuse that it is up to parents to raise their children, but as we see day in and day out, there are a lot of ignorant, misguided, dumbfounded adults who are passing their ignorance on to their offspring.  These kids have no one to look up to but those in the Hip-Hop community; and the most popular artist are those who spew ignorance and self destruction.

As an African American male, I am mad as hell, that these idiots breed this type of mentality which further destroys our communities.  We are culturally conditioned in this country to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize ourselves.  We have got to break the cycle, and starts with the culture or group of people who influence our misguided youth, unfortunately it is our Hip-Hop artist.  Our young people are not listening to Common or Talib Kweli, they are too busy listening to “Pop Lock It Drop It.” 


2 Responses

  1. All those “Stop Snitching” types would be singing a different tune if something happened to one of theirs. If their mother, sister, brother, or child were the victim of a crime, they would be on the news begging and pleading for a witness to come forward and “start talking.”

  2. I don’t remember the name of the older man the interviewed, but he is a hero.

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