21 Questions for Cam’ron

I found this list on allhiphop.com  and thought that it was initeresting.  Illseed wrote this list of questions in response to the ignorant interview Cam’ron did on 60 minutes about “snitchin” 

1. Would you talk to the police if somebody in the hood killed your one of your immediate family members (mother, father)?

2. Would the cops get a call from one Cameron Giles if his son was threatened?

3. If you knew of a plot to destroy the entire planet Earth by space aliens, would there be a call placed from a certain leader of Dipset to President Obama?

4. Captain America was recently killed off…couldn’t Cam have given him a warning before the sniper bullet hit?

5. Speaking of snipers, if Cam’ron was reared in the ‘60s and knew of the COINTELPRO plot to destroy Black leaders…couldn’t the Nation get some “snitchy” love?

6. James Earl Ray’s spilling his guts? No action? You know the killers of Biggie, Pac, Big L, Jam Master Jay, Scott La Rock, Jimmy Hoffa, Ren, Stimpy and others…can you speak up?

7. Capo Jim Jones gets all of the master’s of his new album stolen, which contains a hit bigger than “We Fly High (Ballllllin!)” and you know the only way to get it back is through the cops…?

8. Okay, let’s try this a bit differently. If you knew a band of diseased monkeys were hiding out, would you tell authorities where they were so they couldn’t spread their infectious disease to more humans?

9. Would you use a snitch to find information on a crime against you even though you hate snitches? Police do this a lot!

10. If a female bit off your Johnson and hid it, would you tell the cops who did it to get it back? (No homo x 1,000, pause and all that.)

11. Your son has been kidnapped and the kidnappers have a special request in order for him to be returned safely. They simply want you to “tell” on them. What do you do, even though they refuse money?

12. You catch Jeffery Dahmer with a human hand in his hand…911 on the sneak tip?

13. If a man raped his daughter, wife or mother on 125th in Harlem and was going to go on vacation, because nobody would ID’d him… would you “snitch” then?

14. If you could anonymously snitch on the world’s biggest drug dealer for $1 billion dollars, would you?

15. Would you snitch on Osama Bin Laden if he lived in Apt. 4E with his dialysis machine?

16. A doctor is performing surgery while drunk and causes somebody to have permanent watermelon-sized head, and you know he had a 40 ounce before cutting. What?

17. You know of a filthy, low down snitch that is going to snitch on you for a murder you didn’t commit. Do you snitch on the snitch to clear your name?

18. The Ku Klux Klan decide it’s time to reinstate slavery and they start with whipping you like a slave, Roots-style, do you just take it or take it to the police?

19. You can become a national hero if you reveal _______ orchestrated the September 11th terror attacks if you just drop a big dime. Can the government get change?

20. Would you tell if somebody stole every dollar you owned and swiped your pricey Lambos too?

21. If 50 Cent had a plot to destroy your illustrious, highly profitable and successful recording career, would you…nevermind!


6 Responses

  1. Camron is just displaying that a lot of rappers display. He is also displaying an attitude that is all to prevalent in black america, it is part of the apathy and denial campaign going on in black america. This is the reason why our niegborhoods are messed up, because we allow criminals to exist around our precious school children.

    I saw that interview with Camron on a blog, that fool is an ignorant Sob.

  2. Brother Mark:

    I agree with you. It is this thug culture; this undervaluing of ourselves that has become a staple in our communities and our youth. I am tired of people saying that hip-hop is a reflection of society as a whole; they may be correct, but once you identify the problem, then you don’t continue to act or behave as the oppressor wants you to, you break the cycle, you fight the stereotype.

    I often hear the excuse that America as a whole embraces and promotes violence. This may be true, but what we have seen in our communities is that the images and destructive behavior which is only supposed to be” entertainment” has been internalized by our youth. It adds to the current social ills that affect our people today.

    We continue to be at the bottom of the list as far as health care, education and crime. I hear some say that our problems stem from systemic racism, which I agree; but once you know where the problem is coming from, you don’t aid the people who are trying to keep you down, you fight against it.

    That is what I wish my people would realize. This cancer has spread in our community and some have adopted it as a part of black culture which I reject. So you are 100% percent correct Mark.


  3. ” We continue to be at the bottom of the list as far as health care, education and crime. I hear some say that our problems stem from systemic racism, which I agree; but once you know where the problem is coming from, you don’t aid the people who are trying to keep you down, you fight against it.”

    mark bey: I tried to make this point time and time again over at freeslaves in a debate recently. They feel that white supremacy is the root to all of our problems, I dont buy that, but I several times that even if racism is responsible for all of our problems simply talking about racsim will do absolutely nothing that will require a change in our behavior. AFter I made this point I was accused of issueing the “pull yourself up by the bootsraps” mantra that the republicans harp on.

    The difference between me and the republicans is that they are saying f you do everything yourself, this is not my message myine message is , will create programs that focus on mentoring, community service, education ect and we will help our people with these things but the progams should be focused on getting people to change thier behavior which is the only way black folk we improve thier situation in my oppinion.

  4. Interesting post and conversation. It really is amazing how pervasive this mentaly is and how it has affected our whole american culture. Imagine the opposite – a popular positive hip hop culture that glorifies learning, achievement, dignity, real self confidence, rationality, and didn’t workship bullshit materialism. I think you guys here are on the right track.

    The thing about snitching is this: EVERY american has a right to protection under the law. It doesn’t always happen, and laws are applied unequally and unjustly by bigots, but it is imperative that everyone, period, demand equal protection under the law.

  5. Its amazing that will all the intelligent, thoughtful hip-hop artist around — CBS/VIACOM/Seagrams thought of interviewing a rapper’s who biggest contribution is making Puffy’s wardrobe look butch and helping one Curtis Jackson sell records. The news arm of MTV, with its virtually unchallenged access to every Hip-Hop artist to get pressed on vinyl, and they pick this half wit? Wow. Hell, even Snoop acts like a grown man sometimes. But, this is also the same company that gave Flava Flav THREE TV shows. God help us all.

  6. Cam looked like a total idiot. No wonder he wore pink fur at one point. And, I think Capadonna’s points are right on.

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