Glen Beck: The Poster Child of Ignorance on CNN

Glen Beck, during his CNN show, said that withdrawing from Iraq would be the most shameful act America committed since slavery.  He also said that George Clooney and others should forget about the genocide in Darfur and focus on supporting our occupation in Iraq.  Are you kidding me?

Once again here is a perfect example of Dr. Welsing’s Cultural Conditioning Theory.  People in this country have been culturally conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize people of color. 

Beck comparing America’s invasion of Iraq to the institution of slavery is absurd.  White people in this country used black people for economic purposes.  They raped, killed and terrorized black people for over 225 years.  Millions of slaves were killed during the middle passage. This country maliciously attempted to destroy the soul of an entire people with the hopes to make them feel inferior and use that to maintain power and control.  How does that relate to the institution of slavery in the United States?   

I guarantee you, that Beck would not compare the ideal of troop withdrawal to the Holocaust.  Jewish people would not allow him to; and rightfully so.

Our troops don’t deserve this.  They were deployed to Iraq based on lies that this administration told.


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  1. I have no idea why dude felt the need to go thier with his slavery comparison.

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