Nappy Headed Ho’s in the NY Police Department?

2 separate incidents happened in the NY City Police Department, where supervisors and officers called 4 minority woman ‘Nappy Headed Hos”  during roll call.  What do you guys think about this?  Are these woman, who dedicate their lives to uphold and protect the law whining?  Should we be upset with these women for letting words affect them, like Jason Whitlock implied with the Rutger ladies? 
FEMALE COPS SUE NYPD OVER RACIST REMARK: Women say they were called ‘nappy headed hos’ during roll call.

Several female NYPD officers say supervisors made Imus-like remarks

Side-note:  Interesting to see how some in the media has coined the term “nappy-headed ho’s” as an “Imus-Like comment”  instead of calling it what it is; racist.  Go figure


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