One of the Local Victims of V. Tech Put to Rest

I just broke down after reading this article.  My hearts go out to all the families in this tragic event.  I will tell you that I lost it when I read this story about the Peterson family.  This is just too sad.



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  1. Yo Native thanks for posting this story. This is a very sad story indeed, situation like these are a part of the reason I am no longer a christian, no offense you native. My natural reaction to something like this is to wonder if thier is a god and he exist the way the church says he does, well then why does he allow this to happen especially to an individual who was such a terrific human and had potential to make a positive difference in the lives of black folk. God knows we have to many self destructive things going on in our communities. Native I am going to pray real hard on this one for understanding it also hurts to lose the other brother who was in the band and had a 4.0 grade point average. To be honest I feel for all of the families of the dead, its just hard to lose black people with so much potential ahead of them especially when you factor in what is going on in too many of our neighborhoods.

    Thank you for posting this article Native.

  2. Mark:

    no need to apologize. I understand your frustration. You know where I stand when it comes to religion. I don’t let consume to the point that I become ignorant and not understand other people.

  3. ” I don’t let consume to the point that I become ignorant and not understand other people.”

    mark bey: If the black church had reflected this attitude I would most likely still be a christian. Native I would go into battle with you and other christians like you any day of the week. You reflect the love and compassion that all christians should reflect.

  4. Sadness here as well..What a beautiful, beautiful young woman, and she’s gone..Mark..I also wonder why God allows these things to happen, but we all have to remember that we are on loan from God. While I’m very positive this young lady had so much left to to and contribute here on earth, she is in a much, much better place.

  5. I had tried to stay away from all of the coverage about this senseless act but I decided to read about the victims. My heart still aches for Erin Peterson’s family. Like Erin, I’m an only child and I could only think about what my parents would go through should something happen to me. This put everything into perspective for me. My parents call me everyday. They want to know what’s going on in my life; when I go away with friends they want to know where we’re staying, what room etc… This use to annoy but I now understand and I love them dearly for it. I pray that Mr. and Mrs. Peterson find some peace and that the memories of their daughter sustain them.

  6. Yvette..I’m also an only child as well, and I can also attest to the overprotectiveness. It was more my mother than father, though. However once I become a parent, I will worry even more than my parents did about me. To be quite honest, I am very hesitant to bring a child into today’s world, but again, who am I to make that call?

  7. @ gil

    ” I am very hesitant to bring a child into today’s world, but again, who am I to make that call?”

    mark bey: I no what you mean, also I feel you about Erin bieng in a better place. But black america is so depleted of positive role models and brilliant people that the loss of Erin and the brotha at vtech that lost his life is extemely difficult to take. It is also hard to understand why god would allow this to happen to black folk knowing how bad our children need to see great role models like the 2 black students at Vtech. The whole tragedy is sad but black folks are doing more suffering than all other americans we need every positive warrior we can get. Those were to smart kids

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