The Bush Administration’s First Line of Defense: Lying to the American People


I give much respect to the family of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch.  They went on the Hill to testify about the lying PR machine the military launched in order to improve the image of the Military. 

Tilllman’s brother and mother put it all out on the table, they testified that Military purposely lied about how Pat was murdered in order save face.

And to back the Tillmans claims was former POW Jessica Lynch.  You remember Jessica Lynch; the young blonde soilder from West Virginia who was captured during an ambush of her convoy. 

Jessica Lynch, a former soldier whose ordeal in Iraq in 2003 was inaccurately portrayed in the media as a heroic fight against insurgents, when in fact Lynch never fired a shot.

“The American people are capable of determining their own ideals for heroes, and they don’t need to be told elaborate lies,” Lynch said.

She was the talk of the country.  She was declared a hero; had a parade in her honor and received a full scholarship to the Univeristy of West Virginia.  And all along, the military knew that Jessica did not fire one shot.  Shoshana Johnson, was one of Lynch’s platoon members, took care of lynch while she was injured.  The military mentioned nothing about this at all.  Even when the truth came out, they still said nothing.  This Administration thrives off of Lies and deception.

And President Bush has the nerve to refuse to sign a bill which will give the troops full funding, but also wants a time-line for withdrawal of troops.  Bush can’t even say with confidence that he has confidence in the Iraqi Governments capabilities.


6 Responses

  1. Know what… nothing new.

    Asher Heimermann

  2. I was with you up until the end about the troop withdrawal.

    Something to consider: on one hand you disagree with Bush’s refusal to set an arbitrary timeline for withdrawal; on the other hand you concede that the Iraqi Government is not yet prepared to do its job in the absence of US support.

    To leave when the Government is not yet prepared to protect the populace and enforce law and order would only ensure chaos and carnage.

  3. When will the Iraqi Government be prepared? Can anyone predict that? Regardless of when we leave, there will always be conflict between the different sects. These struggles have been going on in the middle east forever. We can’t solve their internal struggles, which in my opinion have been hightenend since we invaded Iraq.

    This administratoion is spending our tax dollars in record numbers, but cutting socia and health programs to fund this war, in the meantime oil, intelligence, weapons and private companies are making record profits at the expense of the hard working, middle and upper middle class people.

    So where do we draw the line? Bush has had almost 5 years with blank check after blank check. This has to stop, and it has to stop now. Do you know if we would have used half of the money we spent in Iraq to secure our borders and properly fund our intelligence agencies we would not be in this mess right now?

  4. I agree with you Native. But I believe that wether or not this country leaves Iraq we will be blamed for whatever happens thier no matter how many innocent folks are killed by suicide bombers or sectarian violence.

  5. Mark:

    not only that. but how quiclky we forget that the U.S. was the one who put Saddam in power in the first place, him with resources including weapons; we didn’t stick around for that to play out. So the excuse that I hear from some that we can’t leave without finishing is BS.

    Was it not our President who stood behind a banner on a Navy Ship which read mission accomplished? We finished what we set out to do a long time ago in Iraq. That gave us clear way to gain a stake in the oil refineries in Iraq. This invasion is about oil and power for the United States. The 9-11 report cleary has detialed outlines of strategies that indentify what we should do. The president opted to ignore some of the suggestions, so I intend to ignore his argument that we should not have time tables.

  6. That’s why Saddam was so quickly and easily able to grab up power. The same in Afghanistan w/ the Taliban in the late 70s. We just wanted Russia out and didn’t give two figs about anything else.

    Now, we’re in there, we’re mobilized, and we’re in a position to stand a proper Government up. May as well finish the job instead of jumping ship. If we leave, things will only get worse – – not just for the Iraqis, but for the region and our security overall. It says “if you make things kinda tough on us, we’ll meekly disappear.”

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