Neighborhood, Church Stand Off Over Noise

I know this is causing a huge uproar.  There is a black church  in a majority white neighborhood, and the residents are complaining about the noise level coming from the church on Sunday. And the church members are eluding that it is racist…. oh boy, where do I begin…… 

We all know how we do in black churches.  We praise God, and we are loud.  But if your church is in a residential neighborhood, then you need to take that into consideration.  If I lived near a church and the noise coming from the congregation was to the point that my windows were shaking or the walls in my home are vibrating, then I would complain as well.  This is not a racial issue or a religious issue, this is a noise ordinance issue. 

It doesn’t matter that it is a church; it could be a neighbor having a loud party, or someone blasting their music out of their car, residents have the right to peace and quiet in their homes.  Perhaps the church needs to invest in soundproofing or insulating the church. 

I think the government should intervene, only if the church refuses to work with the community to do something about curtailing the noise.  Some people are trying to turn this into a racial religious issue, stating that if the government steps in; that we run a slippery slope; or to say that the government is telling black folk how to praise God.  That is not what is happening in this case.  Now I do disagree with some of the tactics some in the community are taking.  They should not be placing bottles under tires of church members.  I understand they are fed up but fight your battles legally.  

What do you think about this?


6 Responses

  1. It can be very hard to deal with churches. A lot of city governments and police really treat churches with kid-gloves, even when they are clearly being bad neighbors. There is one locally where I live (a “white” church in a “white” neighborhood) that has driven many people away due to the super load noise of their youth program’s music. The city and police seem to view it like “well, its a church, so hands off”. The minister and youth minister don’t seem to take the issue seriously. Then there’s a church in the middle of a historic neighborhood in Austin, Texas, that wants to throw up a 6-story parking garage in the middle of the neighborhood. Yikes! I think the solution is this: never – ever – buy a house within ear-shot of a church. Whether the congregation is black, white, or whatever, you will have problems.

  2. Sorry to be so long winded. I just noticed and read the article on ABC News. The pastor says Sunday mornings are not up for compromise. Errr…OK…I guess there’s no need to talk then. Send his ass to jail.

  3. LOL @ bibliosk8

  4. Oooiii – I’m glad my sarcasm didn’t piss you off. The whole church thing is a hot button for me. At any rate, the blog is interesting and you had a really balanced, reasoned article here.

  5. I’d probably figure it’s only once a week so if they’re a little loud, I don’t care. But, the church should also be taking the neighborhood into consideration. A little sound-proofing never hurt!

  6. How about those cars that drive down the streets with the bass and BOOM so loud that it shakes your windows… or the profanity BLASTING to the point that I have to cover my childs ears… can we call somebody about that!

    Chruch is “usually” only one day a week… give me a break people! I bet if the folks in that church brought it down to a whisper, those people would STILL find something to complain about!

    Give me a break! Maybe if they praise Him a little louder, it’ll peek some folks interest and cause them to wonder what’s happin’ in there and get themselves SAVED 🙂

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