SHARPTON TO CO-LEAD MARCH FOR DECENCY: Trek to pass by three record companies before rally in Columbus Circle.

Can’t blame Al sharpton  at all for this.  A lot of people kept asking why don’t black people go after certain artist in Hip-Hop; well we did.   Now we are going after the record companies who encourage and promote certain artists who use offensive lyrics bitch, ho and nigger.  The same record companies who will not give a positive hip-hop artist the huge record deal because their lyrics aren’t “street” enough; we are coming after you.

And the young sister who is leading this is Tamika Mallory.  She is only 30 years old.  She is a black woman and a mother and she is speaking truth to power.  She happens to be apart of Al Sharpton’s network, but she is doing this on her own, she wasn’t pressured by Shaprton and she is not doing it for money; because there is no money to be made from this.  I had the pleasure of hearing this sister speak and she almost made me drive up to New York to be with them on Thursday when they march.  I wrote a letter to the record companies to support the movement.

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  1. Good for her! We can be there in spirit, Native, if not physically.

  2. I will write a letter to the record companies as well. Also did she speak on Al Sharpton’s radio show, if so I will listen to her tonight.

  3. I am in full support of this, we need to keep the pressure up.

  4. Hey Native – please forgive me for posting the following lengthy message, but it is related to this post and is about something that is going on locally. Please see the email below which I just sent to my Baltimore comrades:

    Peace Family,

    While driving to work one day this week, I happened to turn on the radio and came across a song that was simultaneously playing on both 92.3FM and 93.9FM. I was immediately disturbed by the lyrics of the chorus and further disgusted by the verses. The song was “Freaky Girl” by an artist called Gucci Mane. Here’s the chorus which was repeated over and over in the song:

    “She A Very Freaky Girl Dont Bring Her To Mamma
    First You Get Her Name Then You Get Her Number
    Then You Get Some Brain (oral sex) In The Front Seat Of
    The Hummer Then You Get Some Brain (oral sex) In The Front Seat Of The Hummer”

    I have ceased to be amazed at how low corporate-backed mainstream media will go to demean, disrespect, stereotype, and objectify African people (especially women of African descent) in the name of profiteering. Further, I am convinced that no other people group on the planet would allow such dehumanization to go unchecked and unchallenged. I think we have much to do in the way of strategically combating this media injustice which I’m sure all of us have similar feelings about. I think the IMUS situation really shed light on one way in which corporate media can be held accountable for its support of such disturbing lyrics and images. (The sisters of Spelman College chose another way to hold the “artist” – Nelly – accountable back in 2004)

    I wanted to bring your attention to another way that a dear brother of mine is pressuring mainstream media – and in this case BET – to produce quality content devoid of demeaning images/messages. Dr. Delman Coates, pastor of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton, MD, has mobilized his church on this issue. He has convened a coalition of organizations called “Enough is Enough” and has begun protesting outside the home of Debra Lee – CEO of BET. Dr. Coates has committed to leading protests outside the home of Debra Lee every Saturday until BET agrees to a clearly defined set of goals as outlined on the “Enough is Enough” website. In the short time that the protests have begun; Dr. Coates has received tremendous support from other organizations, churches, and community leaders. Last week, 6 charter buses pulled up in front of Debra Lee’s house filled with people ready to rally and protest. Tomorrow – Saturday, September 22, 2007 – 7 buses will pull up out front Debra Lee’s home. The word about this is spreading across the country and African people from as far away as Japan are contacting the coalition in support. On Saturday, September 29, 2007 buses will roll in from New York as organizations there have decided to form an “Enough is Enough-NY” coalition. Dr. Coates makes it clear that this movement is not anti-Hip Hop and it’s really not even “anti-Debra Lee”. It’s about the larger issue of how BET (and other mainstream media outlets) abuses its access to 85 million homes by inundating the community with poisonous messages and images that no doubt adversely impact the healthy development of African youth and trivialize the humanity of African people as a whole.

    I invite you to learn more about the Enough is Enough movement by visiting: (The YouTube videos are excellent) As you review what they are doing, please consider how you may be able to support this effort.


    Heber Brown, III

  5. Brother Brown:

    You are always welcome to post on my site. This is great info that the community needs to know about

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