Mike Vick: Lost misguided and ignorant brother


DJ Black Adam set it off on his blog about Mike Vick and I agree with him. 

Vick is an idiot. I am sick and tired of professional athletes who makes millions of dollars still trying to live the hood life in order to keep street credibility.  You are judged by the company you keep.  If you grew up in the hood and hung out with people who were not on the “up and up”, you can not bring them with you.  Instead try and help them change so that they can change the community.  Use your new found wealth to make change in the community.  Professional Athletes are not helping their boys by bringing them into their professional lives, giving them access to their wealth while they are still selling drugs in the hood and now their boys have them caught up in criminal activity.  Just stupid Stupid STUPID!!


2 Responses

  1. I truly feel you man, these brothas get blessed and feel the need to stay in trouble in the hood to keep it “real”. Sad.

  2. amen to DJ black adam.

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