Boat packed with Haitians capsizes

This is so sad.  Can someone explain to me how we can allow white Cubans, Mexicans and other ethnic groups into our country, but as soon as Haitians even get close to our shores and borders they are turned away. 

It is obvious that there is huge problem in Haiti when Haitians are risking their lives to get to the United States.  They are dying while in route, using any type of floatation device possible to get here.  Can someone please give me a logical explanation?  How do we allow 12 million illegal immigrants from Mexico to stay in this country allowing them to get bank accounts without social security numbers, home loans and in some states car insurance, but we can’t let Haitians desperate for refuge enter our country?

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  1. I agree. It’s terrible that this policy is allowed to continue. What’s really sad is that far too many African Americans don’t even think this is an issue.

    I posted on this general topic as well a couple of months ago:

  2. The mexicans are just lucky. They only have to cross the desert, many of them also dying in the process, to get here. Because of geography they simply have a higher success rate.

  3. I concur man, you got black folks jumping on the immigration bandwagon regarding Latinos (why I don’t know) yet silent on the issue with Haitians. WE SHOULD hold a MARCH about them.

  4. Native you are correct but also dont forget that an extemely high percentage of hatians have aids I think that has something to do with.

  5. Mark:

    you may be correct, because I have not heard the U.S. give a legitmate reason why they keep turning them away. And where is Condi Rice on this issue? She has not said anything. She is too busy being fake to foreign diplomats. She is such as disappointment and a waste when it comes to foreign affiars. From Haiti to Sudan, she has been ghost

  6. ” And where is Condi Rice on this issue? She has not said anything. She is too busy being fake to foreign diplomats.”

    mark bey: Native Condi Rice is lost, she has allowed herself to be played by Bush its too late for her now. She is just embarrasing herself at this point and time.

  7. @Nativeson:

    Yeah, Condi has been suspicously absent from debates regarding Black People. I respect her and think she is very smart, but I’d hope she had just a little bit of Blackness…

  8. Actually, Condi is probably a Vulcan. That would explain a lot. It is too bad she has hitched her wagon to this administration.

  9. The Washington Post had an article asking this question some time ago. I don’t think it is an either or, but rather why not type of question. My blog at the time runs counter to the thoughts here, but it is still representative of my thoughts. Rip away…

  10. even if a high number of Haitians do have AIDS, that does not mean that they should be ignored. Where has compassion gone in our society?

  11. I think it’s simple…fear of the black planet…that’s an uprising of dark-people…and that brings fear, be they Haitian, Jamican, African, or any other ‘an’ they all equate to BLACK in the eyes of american… that will not be tolerated.

  12. James:

    I agree with your argument to a certain extent. I understand there is hige cost attached in dealing with the social and economic issues of the underserved. and you are right, the United States needs to focus on “home” first, but time after time we see that other immigrants make it to the United States and they are offered health care, and other benefits.

    I am not suggesting that we have to allow every Haitian into the country, but they don’t even get a chance to hit Amercian soil before they are turned away. and then this ridculous agreement that the United States has entered with Australia makes no sense what so ever; swaping immigrants to countries they weren’t trying to flee to, is no the the answer. Is this a color issue more then a social and political one? I am still not sold on that.

  13. ” even if a high number of Haitians do have AIDS, that does not mean that they should be ignored. Where has compassion gone in our society?”

    mark bey: I agree Im just stating why I believehatians are treated the way they are as opposed to immigrants from cuba or mexico.

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