Teacher’s Neck Broken in Attack

Blog Family, I am pissed off. After reading and watching this story I almost lost it.  We are failing our children. Parents are not teaching and demanding that their children respect themselves by respecting adults, teachers and authority figures.

 This story is out of the Philly area.  2 students have been arrested after they assaulted a teacher who took an iPod from them during class. 

The attack happened after 60-year-old Frank Burd confiscated an iPod from one of the students who was using it in class. The 14-year-old returned later with an 11th grader.

The teens allegedly pushed Burd, who struck his head on a locker. Schools CEO Paul Vallas said Burd broke his neck in two places. He was taken to Einstein Medical Center, but showed no sign of paralysis.

The confrontation was caught on videotape. School officials were able to use the tape to immediately identify the students.  

17-year-old Donte Boykin was taken to Northwest Detectives in handcuffs on Friday evening, shortly after arresting the 14-year-old.

I blame the parents for this and they should be charged as well.  Donte Boykin knew that he was not supposed to have the iPod in school and for him to react in this way proves, that his parents failed him for whatever reason. 

Has Donte ever been punished or grounded?  Has his parents ever taken things away from him; clearly not.  If you watch the video clip when the media was trying to question the ignorant father, you can see where Donte got his attitude and behaviors from.  The police should have been waiting for him outside of the courthouse to arrest his ass as well. 

His son; a child and student; someone who is supposed to have respect for adults and authority, decides to attack a teacher and as a result breaks the teachers’s neck!!  I am sitting at my computer trying to wrap my brain around this and I keep drawing blanks.  What is wrong with America? And specifically my people; black people. 

I am only 31, but I was raised to have respect for adults.  when my parents called my name, my response had to be “ma’am” or “sir” .  There was no such thing as me responding saying  “yes” or “huh” .  I was taught that even if I felt a teacher said or did something to me that was wrong, that I was not to argue with the teacher, but tell my parents once I got home and they would handle it; because I was a child and I had businesses talking back to an adult.  My parent’s used to tell me:

“No matter how much of an individual we raise you to be, you are and will always be a direct representation for your family and of your people.” 

Do you see where I am coming from blog family??? 

My parents instilled respect and values in me from day one.  I would have never cursed at a teacher or talked back to a teacher, unless I wanted my butt whipped by my parents.  Black parents today have lost their way.  They are raising children who have no type of respect or tact and it is hurting us as a people. 

Here in the DC area we see it every where; ignorant children who have no respect for themselves or other people.  Those of us who ride the Metro, especially the green line know what I am talking about.  On any given day riding the metro’s green line, you will hear middle and high school kids cussin at each other, talking about who sucked someones dick, who got their pussy ate out, and who they can get jumped all in the presence of adults.  They don’t care what they say and who they say it in front of.  Where are they getting it from?  They are getting it from their environment and the from the lack of socially conscience parental guidance in the home.  The adults on the train are so afraid of saying something to them that many of us just shake our heads and put up with it. 

But guess what people?  These children represent us.  Their actions and behaviors not only hurt them in the development, but also hurts us as a people.  These are supposed to be the future; the ones who will be in the workforce contributing to the social security system that we need when we get old.  Some of these kids will fall victim to the vicious cycle of violence plagued in their communities or fall by the waste-side.  They won’t make it to contribute to the workforce or society. 

Today’s Parents need to wake up and stop trying to be your kid’s best friend. Principals and school officials need to support the teachers when they take action against their students.  It makes no sense for a teacher  (who is on the front line with some of these bad ass ignorant kids) to discipline and enforce the policies of the school system, when the Principal and Administrators cave in when parents defend their children no matter how wrong they are. 

Politicians and law-makers refuse to create policies to address the issues of ignorant non productive parents for fear of not being re-elected instead of making decisions that are best for the community.  Law-makers are charged with serving the public and to create policies that enhance and maintain  a decent quality of life. 

I know there are other factors that contribute to the lack of responsible parenting.  Many adults in the DC area are products and bi-products of the crack era.  Poverty is rampid and it is hard to for a lot of my people; I understand that.  Historically our people have always been poor to working class.  And in the midst of racial oppression and discrimination from the government and the country, still managed for the most part, instilled respect and pride in their children.  My father grew up in a 3 bedroom shack in Chesterfield County, VA dirt poor, but you would never had known that they were poor.  My grandparents raised my Dad to have respect for himself; they instilled a sense of pride in my dad and uncles.  So it doesn’t matter if you grow up in poverty, what matters is the social lessons that are taught to you by responsible adults. 

If parents are not raising their children to at least at the minimum have respect for themselves, adults and authority figures, then perhaps we need start hitting the parents up with fines and mandatory parenting classes until they get it right. 


12 Responses

  1. “So it doesn’t matter if you grow up in poverty, what matters is the social lessons that are taught to you by responsible adults.”

    mark bey: I agree with you Native our people are refusing to do the things neccessary for us to prosper and have great lives and communities. We at least not enough of us are doing what it takes.

    Native screw everyone else who dosent get it, Im talking about the folks who want to blame the man and the toms who want to run away from the black community.

    It will hurt but we must take back our dignity and make it one of the foundations that empowers the black world.

    Sorry for getting deep on you Native.

  2. The child who decides to attack their teacher needs to serve some jail time. Not juvvie hall time, serious time. If they attack the teacher today, they’ll kill someone down the line. Every teacher that is attacked also needs to sue the student and the parents for damages. If the parents knew that they could lose everything they own, then maybe they would teach their child some sense. All the bad publicity generated wouldn’t be good news for them either.

  3. ” Every teacher that is attacked also needs to sue the student and the parents for damages. ”

    mark bey: Also the parents should have to do community service. And the students should have to do community service as well.

  4. I CAN’T AGREE WITH THIS MORE…Oh my God!!! It’s crazy…and things are not getting better. The parents are not only NOT teaching respect for ANYTHING OR ONE, but they’re teaching DISRESPECT AND VIOLENCE… too many times I’ve heard a child or parent say…’if someone puts their hand on you, you pick up whatever’s around and knock their head off” Why to that extreme. Or, telling and showing the lack of unity between them, the parent, and the school or teacher; they’ll come and argue in front of the kids…they’ll tell the child, ‘if you have to use the bathroom and they dont’ let you…just walk out’… all kinds of things. There’s a right and a wrong way to operate, and too many are operating wrong.

    There is also a lack of good teachers…teacher with morals and respect for their students…the feel because their young they should be dogged and disrespected…just on g.p. And whatever happened to P.T.A. it’s like they don’t exist anymore…I know they say, because most of the time parents don’t participate, but they should always keep trying.

    This subject exhaust me…but it’s a great post.

  5. and this story was even more disturbing…coming from my city where the violence has been off the metor…it’s just crazy.

  6. I agree with this post wholeheartedly. Black parents really need to step it up a few notches when it comes to raising their kids! Attacking a teacher over an iPod is senseless!

  7. The parents should have to pay the medical bills of the injured teacher.

  8. As a parent and a teacher, I agree. Sanctions for parents would greatly help the situation. I also like mark bey’s idea about community service. Paying the medical bills goes hand-in-hand with suing, though his insurance company might work it out with their insurance company. I don’t think the school’s (thus the government & tax-payers’) insurance company should have to pay. I don’t know what current law says about that, though.

  9. Yo Native I am developing a plan to rebuild new orleans and I was wondering if you would take a look at it then give me some suggestions of what contacts and people I need to now to make this happen.

    Also what advise would you give me on setting up a council of elders for this project. Here is the idea. http://progressatallcost.blogspot.com/2007/05/convict-workforce.html

  10. …and just a few weeks ago, there was the heart wrenching story about Shaquanda Cotton that the AfroSphere went ga-ga over (present company included). Wasn’t that hall monitor just an awkward position away from getting her neck broken, too?

    We can’t have it both ways!

  11. Plez:

    I am not quite sure if I understand your post. But are you comparing the Cotton case to this one? the reports said that Cotton shoved a hall monitor, the hall monitor was not hurt nor injured. I read your post on Cotton. And I agree that Cotton should have been suspended no inprisoned. But we can not campare what Cotton did, to what this student in Philly did. He approached a teacher along with another youth and attacked a teacher and as a result broke the teachers neck.

    Are you saying that if cotton would have shoved the hall monitor harder that she would have caused the hall monitor’s neck to be broken? That is a far far stretch.

  12. I am a teacher at the end of a school year and considering retiring early because I cannot redirect behavior that is against school rules without a barrage of argument and disrespect. This is not a problem of race. It is a problem of parenting. My children, grown now, would not DARE talk to a teacher the way I have been talked to this year, because the punishment at home would be worse than that at school. Instead, parents seem to be questioning the motives of the TEACHERS.

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