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I don’t care what your political affiliation is or your race, rape is a serious issue.  it is nothing to play around with.  I know all of you heard ignorant comments  XM radio’s shock jock Opie and Anthony made about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, first lady Laura Bush and Queen Elizabeth.

They did a skit on the show which had a homeless man talk about how he would like to have sex with Condoleezza Rice, and took it step further by insinuating Rice being raped (listen to audio here):


Opie & Anthony On XM Radio

(Guest) Homeless Charlie – “I tell you what…what’s the George Bush bitch on Rice…Condoleezza Rice?”

O&A – “Condoleezza Rice”

Charlie – “I’d love to fuck that bitch dude” (laughter)

Charlie – “She’s the Fuckin man”

O&A – “yeah”

Charlie – “I’d Fuck that bitch….”

O&A – “I just imagine the horror in Condoleezza Rice’s face….”
– “(laughter) ….. as she realizes what’s going on”
– “…as you were just holding her down and Fuck’n her.”

Charlie – “punch her all the F’n face, shut the Fuck up bitch”

O&A – “that’s exactly what I meant”
(laughter in background)

Charlie – “you know Fuck it …. and George Bush wife? I’d Fuck that bitch to death”

O&A – “yeah?”

Charlie – “Oh yeah. She needs a man.”

O&A – “You digging her?”

Charlie – “Oh I love it”

O&A acting out scene – “Hey woman, Hey woman…..”

Charlie – “I love dem old bitches”

O&A Continued – “…I’ll show u a real man! Why don’t you come by my box? I’ll show you a real man!”

O&A – “Hey what about uh….what about the Queen? Current events, the Queen just finally went back to her -dumb castle or whatever….”

Charlie (loses mic – can be heard in background) – “Fuck that bitch”

O&A – “oh boy..We lost his mic. We lost Charlie’s mic.
– “Oh no”
– “We lost Charlie’s mic.”
– “I can paraphrase…and he was just saying something nice about the Royal Family…. (laughter)”

Charlie – “Fuck the Queen”

O&A – “OH!”

Charlie – “She lost…you lost bitch. Why you coming over here for? You horse face lookin Bitchh” (neighs like a horse)

O&A – “you lost”

Charlie – “Fuck that bitch”

This country has a deep ugly history of demeaning woman; especially woman of color.  Historically black woman were used as sex objects by their slave masters.  They often had to give their bodies to these men in order to save their children and husbands.  Even today the stereotype of black woman being hos lingers in the minds of some people in main stream America.

 But regardless of color, rape is serious.  And further more, who in their listening audience and fan club would think this is funny?   This goes way beyond political philosophy and views; I am not big fan of Condoleezza, but she is still a black woman, and I am applaud at these dumb asses for making these types of comments, no woman deserves to be raped. 

And the person who plays the homeless guy, is a black man if I am not mistaken; I would love to see how he would react if someone said that about one of his sisters or  female family members. 


8 Responses

  1. ” And the person who plays the homeless guy, is a black man if I am not mistaken; I would love to see how he would react if someone said that about one of his sisters or female family members.”

    mark bey: Thier are no shortage of black people who will sell other black folks down the river for a few pieces of silver.

    Part of the reason why folks (including black folk) are so willing ridicule and harm black folks is because they know we wont do much about it.

    Plus thier are a lot of folks who created tastless music and other forms of entertainment and then have the nerve to call art or free speech when what they are doing is trash.

  2. That’s a disgrace! My face is so frowned up at the foolishness allowed to defile even the airways. People are so messed up in the head that they think ANYTHING’S funny and will say ANYTHING to be funny (Mark, like you post on D.L.H. ).

    And now with there being little to no restrictions on XM radio, things are allowed to go even deeper into CRAZY then every before. I’m just sick with the nonsense.

  3. So the issue becomes this: Since XM radio is not regualted by the FCC what should be done? is this the same as Imus?? what do you guys think?

  4. Its as offensive as Imus but I have no idea what you do because these clowns are on private airwaves.

    But I think D L Hughley should have his career destroyed because growing up in the black community he knows that Darkskinned people have been treated like sh@t and he still went thier anyway.

    I would like to know why Al and Jesse didnt go after D L the way they went after Imus?
    Native I believe that this is marginilization by our own people.

  5. The person who “plays” the homeless guy……He IS a homeless guy! This was not a radio “skit”, this was an actual homeless man brought into the studio off the streets, ranting about the world as he sees it. Half of the segment that was quoted above, has things supposedly said by O & A – that were said by homeless Charlie. So you are not even reporting correctly. And in context, it was funny. I am a woman, I have been raped, and I STILL laughed and thought it was funny. And you ask “what should be done about this?” NOTHING! Why should anything be done about this? And who are you to decide if I should be able to hear this kind of talk? If this radio show offends you- don’t listen to it. That is a choice you can make. I choose to listen to Opie and Anthony. I enjoy them and they make me laugh. Yes they can be juvenile and offensive. That is why I listen. You are not being forced to hear this kind of talk. Stop trying to make a big deal out of nothing. Aren’t we fighting a war somewhere? Surely your outrage and tender sensibilities could be directed at something a bit more important than a radio show…

  6. Jen:
    If you didn’t find it offensive then thats your opinion. I am sorry that you were raped and I am not telling you or anyone how they should feel. I am telling you my take on it because it is my blog. I don’t even listen to the show because like you said it can be juvenile and offensive; I will take it step further and say that it is ignorant and border line racist at times.

    They did not have to put the homeless man on their show. This man may not had been mentally stable, they used him to get a cheap laugh at his expense and in the process of it said some very ignorant things.

    So if you find a talk show that is juvenile, offensive, ignorant and borderline racist to be entertaining, then listen away. It’s XM radio, and is not regulated by FCC law. I do think that a few advertisers have pulled their ads from the show, so maybe you should write the advertisers to display your outrage and tender sensibilities about how you really weren’t offended by the skit. I will not bow down or fall to cultural conditioning. Let me break it down for you so can understand: I refuse to allow anyone to underestimate, undervalue or marginalize people of color. I know you may not understand, but it is this very same cultural conditioning that won’t allow you to. But hey thanks for stopping by!!

  7. They need their arses beat on general principle.

  8. Only a racist would find this offensive.

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