Prince George’s County National Harbor

Looks like the National Harbor Project, wants its own identity in Oxon Hill.  They would prefer a Fort Washington zip code.  Can you blame them?  Imagine if you are a business owner or organization leader from out of town and you want to hold your conference or convention at the Harbor.  You then do research on Oxon Hill and read the crime statistics; it just may raise suspension.  But county officials should have thought about that before hand. 

Courtland Milloy  wrote a great piece on how the Harbor Project has basically cut out minority contractors.  Thanks to County Executive Jack Johnson this, project has been undercut with scandal.  But do we in Prince George’s County care?  Once again Jack Johnson has stabbed the residents of Prince George’s County in the back.  So what are we going to do about it?  Construction started last year; the buildings are taking shape.  We blast Johnson and every government official who had a hand in this.  We show our outrage by writing letters  and publicizing this story. 

But I know my fellow Prince George’s County residents; we get star struck and mesmerized about new development without even thinking about how the contract was obtained and who was involved in its development. 


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