Warrants Issued for Suspects in Drive-By Shooting


This idiot, Donte Shorter, is one of the shooters involved in the weekend drive-by on teenage boys riding their bikes.  This fool used an AK-47 assault riffle to execute his plan.  12 people were injured as a result this drive by shooting.  Why do we do this to each other?  We are becoming our worst enemy.  We are in the process of pulling the hood over our heads and carrying out the mission of the Klan for them.  Are we trying to put them out business? 


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  1. “We are becoming our worst enemy.”

    mark bey: We have been our worse enemy for a long time now. We have been killing each other at sickening rates for a long time now.

  2. Yo Native your blog was mentioned in the washington post side bar for bloggers who blogged about this incident. I knew you were a star:).

  3. LOL thanks Brother Mark

  4. Sad to say, Native..You or I are more likely to be taken out by our own people than organizations like the klan or other similar groups. I had no idea that one day I would have to possibly take up arms to protect myself and family from others who share my skin color and history. Pathetic, I say.

  5. that’s EXACTLY what we’re trying to do… might as well cut out the middle man; my dad always said, ‘you want something done ‘right’, do it yourself’ and that’s what going down. Do you think it’s too late for a resolve?

  6. I Think that it is never to late to resolve the violence that plagues our black community. Black on black crime is getting way out of hand. It is up to everyone in our community to come together collectively and not only voice to stop the violence but demand it also. We need to actively take part in our neighborhoods to get rid of drugs, abuse, and murders by getting more involved in the police force working with them to erradicate this. Each person can participate in their neighborhood watch force in developing a postive plan that sends a message to the enemy. We only will stop complaining when we stand up for ourselves. Once we do this the violence will end.

  7. It seem to me that things only seem to get worst with every generation that comes along…I am one for a change but to be honest it seems unlikely…what can we do but try to raise our kids the best we can and that still does’nt make them amune to the BS….

  8. WE (responsible Black folk) have got to learn to separate ourselves from THEM (thugs, pushers, thieves, and irresponsible Black folk). THEY will continue to pull US down with THEM as long as we are connected.

    blogs like this one and others must continue to highlight the fact that WE do not agree with THEM, WE are not like THEM, WE do not identify with THEM. WE do not act like THEM, WE do not dress like THEM, and please please please… do not mistake US for THEM!

    THEY may be Black like US, but all similarities end right there!

  9. I just found this blog and it’s very nice.

    Lifelong PG county resident here and so tired of the bad lable the county has developed.

    I agree with Plez. It is funny but that it the same name I use to describe the undesirables. THEM. It is so sad that some has accepted “Thugism” as a way of life.

    I also agree with reporting THEM to the police. I believe in the STOP COVERING policy–crime going on and you know about it? TELL…that is one of the ways we can fight back.

  10. I’m glad that people are talking about wanting to do things to keep Prince George’s County viable (or make it more viable). Though “turning them in” is one way – they do get out & it would be nice to stop the cycle so these young men don’t do this in the first place, there are other things that can be done. Here are some suggestions:

    Volunteer at your local community center (there aren’t enough options for activities for young men and they may need more volunteers to help out in the facilities that do exist)

    No community center in your area? Join your local civic association to help advocate for more services & hear from the liaison for your local police citizen advisory council about crime trends and efforts to make improvements.

    Mentor a teenager – try Mentoring to Manhood or search for an opportunity at the Volunteer Center.

    “Be the change you wish to see.” Gandhi

    “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.” Martin Luther King

  11. Pardon me for hijacking your thread to say this, but it’s Sunday morning and I have come to this “church” of the Afrosphere to speak my mind:

    Good Sunday morning, everyone!

    Although I have insisted that the pseudo-scientific word “race” is a white supremacists’ word created as a badge of inferiority to rationalize the subjugation and enslavement of Black people,


    A couple of people in the Afrosphere, bless their well-meaning hearts, have asserted that the word “race” may be correct after all, because although Blacks may not be a “separate but equal species” of humans, it may be scientifically correct to assert that we are a “sub-species” of humans. (If I could remember where I saw this, I would provide a link.) I would like to convince them otherwise.

    I will NEVER, EVER, refer to us as a separate “race” or a “separate” “sub-species,” because (1) it is not scientifically supported and (2) IT IS NOT IN OUR POLITICAL INTERESTS! In fact it is diametrically opposed to our political interests.

    My mother, the late Dr. Rachel V. Holland, who died in 1997, was college professor who taught Sociology for 20 years. She focused on teaching about what was then called “racism,” but is now coming to be called Extreme Color-Arousal.

    Throughout her twenty years of teaching, my mother taught me and all of her students this fundamental principle of Black existence in America, paraphrasing:

    “For hundreds of years, whites have perpetuated an argument that Blacks were from a separate and inferior race for the purpose of justifying our enslavement and segregation. Every argument about what “race” Blacks are from and what are the “inherent biological characteristics” of the “Black race” is a politically-motivated attempt by white people to demean Black people, and so you should NEVER engage in arguments about the genetic content of the Black race.

    You cannot win this argument, because as soon as you concede that there is ANY scientific reason to engage in this pseudo-scientific “genetics” battle, you have already lost the political war.”

    There are more whites than there are Blacks in the United States, and many of them have endless energy to discuss and debate the genetic basis of Blacks’ inferiority. The discussion itself maligns Blacks and so the white supremacists win for so long as the public believes there is any reason to have the discussion at all. Thankfully, many white now accept the fact that “There is only one race – the human race!” Let’s not go backward politically, with Blacks looking to defend the word “race” just so that they can continue to call others “racist” instead of adopting the more scientifically descriptive term “Extreme Color Arousal.”

    Whites (and Blacks) will NEVER, EVER be able to believe that a separate Black “race” is nonetheless equal.

    So, although biologically we could argue over whether Blacks are perhaps a “sub-species” of humans, it ought to be apparent that that is not our best argument for equality! Language matters. When you concede that you are “sub” you linguistically concede that you are “lower-than” on a hierarchy, even if you could (and will have to) argue for thousands of years that this is not what was intended.

    If those who disagree with me agree that “race” is not correct and they believe that “sub-species” is more correct, then we have to decide which of the new terms – skin-color or sub-species – can help us move to the next level in America. I think it’s obvious that we can get further by insisting that whites abuse us aroused by our skin-color rather than saying that whites abuse us because we are from a separate “sub-species.” If we are so foolish as to concede that we are we are from a separate race OR “sub-species” then perhaps we deserve to be abused!

    The answer is simple. We must insist, at every turn, that the reason that whites discriminate against us has nothing to do with the fallacious “race” or “sub-species” terms and has EVERYTHING to do with their antagonistic attitude toward our “skin-color.”

    This linguistic struggle is as important as insisting that we are Blacks instead of “Negroes” or “Colored.” Words matter. Defining ourselves instead of being defined by others matters. The way that we choose to define our struggle with whites matters precisely because we are powerful when we assert the right and the power to define our struggle and ourselves.

    We can make a huge step forward in decolonizing our minds if we stop using the term “racism” and instead use the term Extreme Color-Aroused Antagonism. The word “extreme” in this term also makes it clear that we are not calling “everybody a racist,” but are acknowledging, quite scientifically, the gradations among those who are color-aroused.

    The word “race” is not our chosen definition of ourselves; it is a white supremacist definition that we have passively accepted. To the degree that we have made it our own and let it define us, it is like the slave name that Asabagna rejected when he assumed the name Asabagna. The word “race” is politically analogous to the slave name that Cassius Clay rejected when he insisted on being called “Muhammad Ali.” Muhammad Ali no longer wanted to be defined by the badges of inferiority sub-humanity created for Blacks during the time of slavery. When he insisted on being called Muhammad Ali, it was revolutionary in America, just as insisting on being called “Black people” rather than “the Black race” will be revolutionary awakening for Black people as well as white people.

    Muhammad Ali did not become “the greatest” simply by winning in the boxing ring. He became the greatest by insisting on defining his own reality in relation to white American.

    If Muhammad Ali had the courage in the 1960’s to abandon a slave name and insist on defining himself and his relation to white people, surely we can find the courage to insist that we are discriminated against because of our “skin-color” and not because of our “race” and “racism.” We can put the locus and focus of this problem back where it belongs – on white people’s Extreme Color Arousal – rather than on Black people’s “inferior “racial” characteristics.” In any case, like the name Cassius Clay vs. the name Muhammad Ali, it’s our choice to make.

    Let me make it clear that this IS NOT an argument for or about “color-blindness.” Arguments about “race” actually take the focus off our of color difference, which is obvious, and puts the focus on unspecified “racial differences,” a pseudo-scientific myth that has been used by white supremacists to compel and perpetuate our separate and unequal status in America.

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