R Kelly: Please Go Away

I am so sick of this bastard.  Please go away.  Why is R. Kelly not in jail?  I am so sick and tired of black folk giving this fool award after award; when he is clearly a pervert.  This article is a complete joke.

Yeah I am glad that this song is only an internet release.  We don’t need R. Kelly making anymore inspirational songs unless he makes one about his issues and gets help for being a pervert.

The mercurial artist has just released a Virginia Tech tribute, “Rise Up,” on the Internet. Written, performed and produced by Kelly shortly after the April 16 massacre in Blacksburg, “Rise Up” is a treacly ballad designed for maximum uplift, with a gospel choir, swelling choruses and messages of comfort and encouragement. “Not gonna lie and say I understand,” Kelly sings. “I just wanna be here for you if I can / To hold your hand and be by your side / And together we will get through these times.”

Reade the BS comments made by his spokesman and Vibe Magazine:

“There are two R. Kellys,” says the singer’s spokesman, Allan Mayer. “There’s the spiritual, inspiring side, and there’s the more carnal side. One is fun, entertaining, sexy, and the other is more uplifting. They’re both part of life. The way Robert thinks about it is that he’s neither all of one or the other. He’s very aware of how sharp the dichotomy can seem, but it’s just who he is.”

Kelly is “a complicated soul,” says Danyel Smith, editor of Vibe magazine, which has Kelly on its May cover. “It makes sense that he would be touched by what happened at Virginia Tech because he’s a soulful guy. He feels things. . . . There are a lot of people who feel awful about the tragedy, but do they have the nerve, in a country that requires cool first, to be earnest and emotional, empathetic and sympathetic? No. But Robert Kelly does.”

What was uplifting and spiritual about a grown ass man who married a 15 year old?  What was uplifting about allegedly pissing on a young girl.  Kelly’s spokesman and this Vibe editor sound like a bunch of idiots.  I can not believe they can actually say these things about this man with a straight face. 

What in the hell does the Vibe editor mean that no one seems to have the nerve in this country to be emotional about the VA Tech incident; the whole country was emotionally and expressed it.  R. Kelly is not Ghandi.  So what is this idiot talking about?  I really can not believe this sista actually parted her lips to say such BS!  She is a black woman and she should know better. 

What is wrong with my people?  Why do we keep giving this clown a pass,  I just don’t understand it; I can’t wrap my brain around it!!


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  1. ” We don’t need R. Kelly making anymore inspirational songs unless he makes one about his issues and gets help for being a pervert.”

    mark bey: Excellent post I am going to link to this post on my blog.

    P.S I could feel your rage in this post and I feel the same way. R. Kelly is a clown and people keep buying his music.

  2. We all know that if this were just anyone who did not have the celeb staus that Mr. Kelly has enjoyed, they would be in jail. It’s sad that our justice system grants such to those who have money and fame to boot. I also have to ask is our community SO desparate for so-called celebrities that they must give praise to this pervert.

    The best thing we can do is simply not buy or listen R. Kelley’s music, nor support those publications such as Vibe that continue to laud and rally behind him.

  3. Did you see what he said about himself being just like MLK, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley: http://desissified.blogspot.com/2007/05/mlk-bob-marley-r-kelly.html

  4. Hi! This post has little if anything to do with your topic, but it’s on my heart and I want to share it with you:

    The Washington Post says,

    The contest for black support in South Carolina mirrors the national struggle Democratic candidates are waging to win black elected officials’ support. Many have long-standing ties to the Clintons or Edwardses or others but are nonetheless tugged by racial solidarity with Obama and the excitement they see his campaign generating among their constituents. Moreover, Obama’s early fundraising prowess has convinced observers that his campaign will be formidable to the end.

    I’m not going to address Hillary v. Obama, because that’s something everyone will decide for himself. Here’s my biggest gripe with that paragraph and with the whole article from which it’s excerpted: the word “racial.” The word race is a synonym for “species” and the Washington Post is saying that we will vote for Obama because he is the same species as us, just like dogs hang out in packs with other dogs because they are from the same species.

    I’m not buying that. I’m not going to let anyone say that I am from any species other than the human species. Let’s face it: There’s no way we will ever win equality in America for so long as we concede that we are not even from the same species as whites. I don’t think “separate but equal species” is our best argument for equality.

    Let’s face it: What we have in common with Barack Obama but that separates us from whites is not our “racial” species, but simply our skin color. Is that so hard to say and accept?

    Of course whites like to exaggerate our difference so they can rationalize the exaggerated differences in the way we are treated. That’s why the word “race,” that appears no where else in the biological sciences, is applied to the difference in SKIN COLOR between Blacks and whites.

    Now, someone will insist that the word “race” is essential to our efforts to gain equality and fight racism. That’s like saying that the “N” word is essential to our efforts to fight against epithets! The word “race” is itself a badge and mark of inferiority and the word “racism” unless you accept that concept of “race.”

    I am never going to use the word “race” again without referring to it as “the disproved pseudo-scientific theory of race.” Any argument about Marxism implicity accepts the fact that there was a man named “Marx,” which is true. Any argument about “capitalism” is based on the premise that capital exists, which is true. But any argument about racism is based on the premise that “race” exists, which is false. NO ONE anywhere can offer me even a half-baked argument that there is more than one species of human beings!

    Just as black cats and spotted cats from the same family are all from one species – “cats,” likewise, Black people and white people who all came from Africa originally, who interbreed, who have transfuseable blood, who organs can be transplanted one to the other, we are all from the same species. If the word race is superfluous in discussing differences between animal species, it is also superfluous in discussing differences between humans.

    The word “race” serves only one purpose: to gloss over the fact that there is no evidence that we and whites are from different species and to gloss over the fact that we and whites MUST, by all evidence, be of the SAME species, that our only difference is skin-color.

    So, what term will we use instead of “race”? How about simply “skin-color”? And what term will we use instead of “racism”? How about “skin-color aroused antagonistic behaviors of individuals, groups, organizations and societies.” Yeah, it’s a little longer than “racism” but has the advantage that it doesn’t concede that we are, like dogs, being from a different species from whites.

    For so long as we agree that we are from a separate species from whites, we will never, ever convince them that we are from an equal species. As the Supreme Court said in 1954, “separate but equal” is an unconstitutional fallacy.

    If someone asks me, “Are you equal to whites?” it does require more letters for me to write “yes,” (3 letters) than it requires to write the word “no,” (2 letters) but I think it’s worth the extra effort, considering how important it is. Likewise, I think it’s worth taking the extra time to write “skin-color” instead of “race,” because “skin color” preserves our humanness and equality while using the words “race” (and logically therefore also “racism”) negates our humanness and equality.

  5. Excellent post topic. This dudes ego has gone far beyond reasonable.

  6. him comparing himself to MLK is one of the most disgusting things ever. he is getting away with so much and no one cares enough to do anything about it.

    danyel smith of VIBE should be ashamed of herself. the magazine is in tatters so putting kelly on the cover to shift copies is greedy and disgusting.

    i just find him repugnant and there are not enough language in the english language to highlight this.

  7. http://pressposts.com/News/R-Kelly-Please-Go-Away/

    Submited post on PressPosts.com – “R Kelly: Please Go Away”

  8. Dichotomy? Think again. Try “schizophrenia.”

  9. Maybe its the constant radio airplay, but I still find myself singing along with his songs. Kels is definitely a guilty pleasure…

    I don’t want to like him, but at the same time I can’t get “Flirt” out of my head!

  10. PG Chic:

    I feel you, I think we all find ourselves jamming to his music when it comes on the radio, because they play it every 3 minutes..lol But I will never buy another CD of his…

  11. Let’s do something about this….Write to
    Judge Vincent Gaughan

    Mailing address:

    Cook County Building

    Criminal Court


    2650 S. California

    Chicago, IL 60608

    The DA whose receptionist said to me over the phone, “Free R. Kelly!” is:

    Richard Devine

    69 W. Washington

    Chicago, IL 60602

    Let’s write to these two men and find out what’s taking so long? The evidence is on tape. Since many in our community are idiots or just don’t care that he’s raping little sisters…Those of us who do care need to write.

    Simply tell these men that not all of us think this pedophile is exempt from being prosecuted for rape.

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