Interesting Stories

Bush resists Democrats on military pay: White House says 3.5% hike is too costly–  This is the same White House that claimed that the Democrat’s were not supported troops by opposing the war.  The GOP lashed out at Democrats and anti war supporters  calling the unpatriotic and now the White House is trying to kill a bill which would give our men and woman in the armed forces a 3.5 percent pay raise. 

The White House claims that it would be too costly and not necessary.  After billions of dollars spent on the invasion in Iraq; after hundreds of millions of dollars going to private contractors who are friends of Bush and Cheney, now the White House wants to worry about cost???  500 billions dollars later, they want to have a conscience?  Oh I see, they want to see everyone get paid except the troops; they signed on the dotted line and give their lives to defend this country, I guess the White House feels that is compensation……

I watched 60 Minutes last night and almost want to punch a hole in my television set.  As someone who works in for the Fed government dealing with contracting and procurement, I am appalled at the U.S. Coast Coast Guard’s Deepwater contract.  Where is congress on this.  Where is the Office of Management and Budget?  You can’t create 24 billion dollar contracts and give it to a company to completely run and without oversight.  After you read this story you will just shake your head in disbelief. 

Then there is a woman by the name of Darlene Fitzgerald.  Dorothy was a Customs Special Agent Darlene who also worked as a cross-designated Secret Service Agent for the Department of Treasury. She has protected heads of state, Senators Bob Dole and Hillary Clinton, foreign dignitaries, and other political officials. 

And boy does she have a story to tell about how our Government stopped them from inspecting truck loads of drugs being smuggled into our country.  You can read more on her website.  She shares an amazing story about how she stood up for what was right and was severely punished for whistle blowing.


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