Double Murder in Knoxville: Was it a hate Crime?

I first heard about this story on talk radio and decided to read more about the story.  It appears that the assailants, 4 black people, robbed raped and murdered a white couple in Tennessee.  Even though the prosecution and the victims parents concur that this was not a hate crime, some in the community and across the country believe that it was. 

Read the story and tell me what you think.  Do you think that this was a hate crime?  Can black people be charged with hate crimes?


15 Responses

  1. If this wasn’t a hate crime, I don’t know what is.

  2. David:

    Explain why this was a hate crime. Is there any proof that they killed the two victims because they were white, or because of oppurtunity?

  3. Did the murderers target this couple because of their race? Did racial slurs/remarks come into play during the murder?
    Do the murderers have a history of racist attitudes/behaviors towards whites?

    If so, it’s a hate crime. If not, then it’s still a case of brutal murder, and there still needs to be severe punishment.

    (When you really think about it, most murders are hate crimes, aren’t they? Someone hates another person enough to take their life.)

  4. If the arseholes who murdered these people did it and in anyway race was the motivation, it is a hate crime. Either way, I hope they get the justice they deserve.

  5. We may never know. Perhaps if one of the accused comes to court and says “We went out to find and kill a white couple” you might be able to make “hate crime” stick.

    I’m in favor of the existance of hate crime laws, but I have to admit it can be sketchy. In this case, for example, what if the defendents chose the victims not because they were white, but because they weren’t black. See what I mean? Avoiding committing a crime against a favored group isn’t necessarily the same thing as targeting a particular group.

    Regardless of hate crime or not, it looks like these guys are probably up for maximum sentence anyway, so the designation of hate crime probably won’t have much effect.

  6. Also, I think there are probably a lot of murders that aren’t motivated by hate, but rather by a total lack of respect for human life. You see some of these people who murder in the process of committing crimes — it probably isn’t hate, so much as just not valuing life. To me, that is the scariest kind of murder, because if you just don’t value human life at all, and are willing to snuff someone without emotion, you are a very dangerous person.

  7. I agree with Ari. As far as I’m concerned, they would have probably murdered anyone had the opportunity presented itself. Evil people who kill like this more than likely don’t discriminate. Hell..They would probably murder their own parents if they had the chance.

  8. All hate crime laws should be removed. They make no sense. You kill someone whatever race they or you are should make no difference.

  9. As a matter of law, Blacks CAN be charged with hate crimes. The question is, can Blacks hate? Hate is a human emotion. If Blacks cannot feel hate then we are not fully human. I prefer to be considered fully human, even when it means that I have to acknowledge that I am capable of feeling all of those terrible Biblical emotions that whites are capable of feeling.

    People of every skin-color are capable of feeling color-aroused antagonism. When this antagonism becomes extreme, then it rises to the level of what some people call “racism.”

    I read the newspaper article, which included few facts and no expressions of emotion or ideation by the accused, and I find it hard to determine from this one article whether the accused were motivated by skin-color-aroused emotion and ideation to engage in extreme color-aroused antagonism. Certainly, the murders were extreme, but where is the evidence that they were aroused by color, aside from the fact that the victims were white?

    Is there some evidence that they were seeking white people generally when they happened upon these white people specifically? Did any of the alleged attackers have a history of attacking whites who were strangers, unprovoked?

    Did they verbally express antagonism toward whites, before, during or after the crime?

  10. Regardless of Race, these murderers should endure the same fate as their victims. If they have such little value for another human beings life, than let the torture begin.

  11. Hate or no Hate these five people should be put to death for there wrong doings on this earth.

  12. An eye for an eye I say. If you rape and murder, you should be raped and killed in turn, as payment for your crimes.
    I will watch these five people for as long as it takes (years). Those that get life, I will “visit”. I will make this my duty.
    Since there will be no proper justice delivered, we should all make this our duty.
    If it were cover in the news as well as Imus or the Dukes were, I would let justice take its course. BUT—————-

  13. Many of the posts written on this topic state that we do not know whether it is a hate crime or not because the intent is unclear as to whether the crime was commited becasue the couple was white. This is indeed true, but here then is the fallacy of hate crimes legislation. The way these laws are written, yes anyone can be charged with a hate crime, but such as in this in this instance you have to prove the alledged hate… If the roles were reversed, yet the facts the same, I assure you the four white men would be charged with hate crimes just because of the fact that four white men would only do this to an innocent black couple for no other reason except that they were black.

    In the pick-up truck dragging case in Texas (I now forget the poor sould name, may he rest in peace), there was a lot of controversy over the fact that then Gov. Bush vetoed HC laws and prevented the killers from being charged with such… I totally agree with that… Hate crimes legislation only goes to continue hate that may be present in certain persons. Take each case and charge them on thier own merits, what difference does life in prison, or death by lethal injection matter if you add astigma of hater to it?

  14. Im A Native Of Knoxville & Down Here We ALL Know That It Was An Apparent Drug Deal Gone Bad.. These Two White Kids Attended UT. Of Course The Media Doesnt Want To Expose Them. We All Know The Truth But I Wish All Tha Families The Best & Hope JUSTICE Is Served.

  15. & By Tha Way.. It Was In Tennessee Not Texas

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