Ignorant Comment of the Week goes to……

Clinton Portis!!  My man from the Skins opened his mouth and truly truly pissed me off.  He was asked about the Mike Vick dog fighting situation, and responded in the most ignorant way. 

Clinton is the beast on the football field, but a fool for the statement he made.  Clinton needs to worry about getting his game back in order for this season and think before he speaks.


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  2. Hey; justmewriting:

    click on the clint portis link and the video is on there

  3. Clinton Portis did not express himself in the most eloquent fashion, but does that make his opinion ignorant? Portis said “I don’t know if he was fighting dogs or not,” Portis said. “But it’s his property; it’s his dogs. If that’s what he wants to do, do it.”
    To me that sounds like a libertarian stance, that people should be free to engage in activities that do not harm other people in the privacy of their own homes.

    I personally wouldn’t go to a dogfight, but I don’t put a moral judgment on somebody who would, same as I don’t judge people who go to horse races or bull fights. And before you say there is no comparison, it’s all humans using and abusing animals, whether it’s beating their ass to make them run faster, sticking swords in them to slow them down so you can safely tease them before they die, or whether you train them them to exploit a natural inclination to fight.

    “But Exodus, dogfighting is barbaric!” There are millions of Hindu people who think our killing of cows is not only barbaric but also sacreligious. That ain’t gonna stop you from getting that double cheese burger today is it? My people are from the country, in the deep south. They never had a problem walking outside and killing the first animal they saw in the morning for breakfast. They’ll send a hunting dog after a bear, knowing that the dog could get hurt, but that’s what it’s for. There are a different set of values in place here, and just because you or I don’t agree with them, doesn’t mean we get to label their behavior barbaric.

    When you write Portis off as ignorant you free yourself to ignore and be ignorant of a critical analysis of his actual point of view. Portis said “”I know a lot of back roads that got a dog fight if you want to go see it. But they’re not bothering those people because those people are not big names. I’m sure there’s some police got some dogs that are fighting them, some judges got dogs and everything else.” Politicians and presidents were also mentioned. It sounds to me that he is expressing the point of view of a number of Black people, myself included, who see this entire affair as an overt attempt to demonize yet another young Black man. A rich Negro who is a bit too uppity for the mainstream, who never liked the idea of a Black quarterback in the first place.

    Our current Vice President shot a man, which we sort of frowned on, while on a pleasure trip to shot some innocent animals, which we all seemed to have little or no problem with at all. I guess it’s o.k. for the rich white man to be cruel to animals but not for the rich Black man?

    Oh yes, that’s right, One of those things i “illegal” and one of them isn’t. Being a lawyer, I know that a lot of laws are one the books simply because some special interest group had enough money or blackmail to push their moral agenda on the rest of us. In many states, oral sex is illegal, but I bet you practice a little civil disobedience every chance you get. If Portis doesn’t agree that dogfighting should be against the law, does that make him ignorant?

    I hope I’m not being too harsh with you here, but I am really fed up with the fact that Mike Vick has not been charged with any crime, and yet he is being vilified in all quarters by white folks, which I understand, and by Black folks, who ought to know better. I am not saying you have to agree that it’s o.k. to fight dogs, but you have to presume that Vick is innocent until proven guilty. And Clinton Portis said that too. But because you don’t agree with his opinion, you attack him for supporting his friend Mike Vick.

  4. Exodus Mentality:

    No I appreciate your comments. We all need feedback because at times we get frustrated and our emotions get the best of us. But I am not buying the argument that this is attempt by main stream America beating up on a rich black boy.

    Mike Vick has had the opportunity of a lifetime and angers me that when black athletes like Pack Man Jones and numerous others put themselves in situations that lead to trouble. No one is perfect, but one thing I have been taught is that you are judged by the company you keep.

    So many times we in the black community we think that if we separate ourselves from the negative aspects of our communities, that we are selling out, or giving up on our people.

    Rappers and athletes are perfect examples. A lot of them think they are “keeping it real” by continuing to associate with their boys from the old neighborhood when they know that their boys were are still are involved in illegal activity. These “boys” become a part their celebrity pose, then when something goes down; the celebrity crys foul or that it wasn’t their fault. You are judged by the company you keep.

    I work for the Federal Government and have a mid-level security clearance, in order to get that I had and still have to make sure that I deal with people who are the up and up. I will not allow family members or childhood friends to jeopardize that.

    That being said, I don’t mind Portis sticking up for his friend Mike, but he took it a step further with his comments about people can do what they want to do in their own homes. Just because things happen or take place, doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t matter who does it; friend, sister, brother, mom, dad or Big Momma; Wrong is wrong. Clinton should support his boy, but should not make excuses for him. And the reason why the media is on Mike so much is because he is famous and keeps putting himself in situations that attract attention. It was not the white man’s fault that he had residue on his water bottle, it wasn’t the white man that made him give the crowd the finger. I know that Vick has not been charged with a crime. Pack Man Jones was involved in how many police incidents? He was never charged with a crime either, but we all know that he was penalized because he was in the company of people that he knew nd these people do not know how to act.

    We all make mistakes, but if you don’t learn from them, ignorance will prevail. Clinton Portis made a very ignorant comment in an attempt to stand by his friends; he went about it the wrong way. That’s how a feel man, but I do appreciate your feedback. That’s what this blog is for. Let’s see what other people think about this.

  5. ” “But Exodus, dogfighting is barbaric!” There are millions of Hindu people who think our killing of cows is not only barbaric but also sacreligious.”

    mark bey: Exodus I think thiers a big difference in killing cows so people can eat and hosting dog fights. Not to mention the fact that dog fighting is illegal and finally even if Clinton believed what he said he shouldnt said it.

  6. mark, if it’s cruel to hurt animals then I don’t suppose your reason for doing so matters much to the animal in question. i see the difference I, but I doubt the cows do.

    he shouldn’t have said it? he shouldn’t have answered the question unless he agreed with the majority population opinion, or he shouldn’t have answered the question because it isn’t his place to have an opinion? Or maybe he shouldn’t have said it because he is high profile himself and needs to protect his own image at the expense of his freedom of speech? Help me out with that one.

  7. Let me clarify. in my opinion I think he was wrong in what he said. He is entitled to say what he wants, I just thought that his comments were ignorant. I am not saying that he is ignorant. I will change my post title to ignorant comment instead of ignorant person.

  8. Oh…now I see the link, and after reading all the commentary, I’d have to agree mainly with Exodus and surely the ignorance or untactful manner in which he spoke. He could have expressed himself much better, but if the issue was moreso what he said and not how he said it… I’m with Exodus.

  9. Dogfighting? Come on…that is for dirtbags. Sorry man – it is. Native is right on this one. Frankly, I think sport hunting is wrong too – killing animals for pleasure is just bad. I think factory farming is usually wrong too — basically torturing animals before killing them.

    No, I’m not a vegan. We humans are omnivores, and it is reasonable for us to consume meat. But we are also conscious, self-reflective beings, and it disturbs me when people aren’t at least empathetic to the suffering of other living things. It disturbs me even more when dirtbags train animals to fight each other for entertainment.

    That dude needs to step it up an intellectual notch or two, and escape the dirtbag mentality.

    As for him being targeted for being black and wealthy, well, that may be true.

  10. By the way, Exodus, your blog is very interesting. As a white person, these blogs are very useful to me. They allow me to read some informed, thoughtful opinions, hear different points of view, and not just see black people being arrested on the news. You guys are doing a good service for your community.

  11. Happy to be of service, come by any time.

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