Interesting Stories

Trumpeting Diversity: A Rare Majority-Black Orchestra Tries to Build Cultural and Racial Bridges  Here is an interesting story about a local black orchestra that infuses jazz and classical music.  They are trying to attract a larger black audience.  I am a witness that black people at large, really don’t attend classical music performances;  I should know because I am a classically trained musician. 

I started playing the clarinet when I was in the 3rd grade and never put it down.  I joined the DC Youth Orchestra during my high school years and competed in the county and state music festivals. I have since put down my clarinet, but I still love classical music.  Even today when I attend performances, especially operas, I find myself being only 1 of 20 people in the concert hall.  Maybe this group could be the link that sparks interest in classical music in the black community.

What can I say about Greg Oden, a young brother with promise.  I was truly truly impressed with him in this ESPN article.  I agree with the writer of this article, Greg please don’t change or compromise your standards and upbringing to fit an ignorant and self destructive stereotype that the majority of black athletes fall victim too.  Greg is from a middle class family, he didn’t grown up in the hood.  He is not the poster child that professional sports organizations like to profile. 

At 19 y/o Oden is unique, and he is fine with it.  It’s ok that you have every Will Smith album; it’s ok that you are articulate.  Look out for Greg Oden folks, I don’t think he is going to let us down. 

The Baltimore Sun  is reporting that the planned moved of the NAACP to DC has been put on hold because of  low fundraising?  Then some of the church hat wearing board members blaming Bruce Gordon, for not staying to help raise the money? 

The NAACP board needs a complete overhaul.  Bruce Gordon attempted to move the NAACP in a new direction which would have revitalized the organization, but the old school board wasn’t trying to hear it.  The NAACP is reaping what it sowed. 

See here is what happened;  The Board elected Bruce Gordon because they thought they could use his corporate connections to raise millions of dollars for them.  they didn’t want him to lead or have a voice, they wanted him to be pawn and maneuver him around like they wanted, but he got the last laugh because he rolled out them, and now they don’t have a pot to piss in.  This is not Bruce Gordon’s fault, it is an internal problem.  The image of the NAACP was tarnished way before Bruce Gordon came on board. 


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