Murder and Scandal in Prince George’s County: Is this the New Norm in our County?

As I tried to reflect on the the troops who have given their lives in this current war and those in the past, I am flooded with the mess we have here in the DC metro area.  This weekend has been a “free for all shoot um up”  There are too many of them for me to talk about without getting angry so I will just list them.  A shooting outside of two clubs (the Classics in PG County and H2O in DC) and a brother who kills his sibling over an argument, are among a few of many murders that have taken place since Friday. 

The comment pages to these news stories are filled with ignorant people making racist comments that all black people are violent.  I don’t know why I click on those “read comments” links, because I know 8 times out of 10, it will be filled with hate and ignorance. 

I know that in the Washington, DC are, the majority of violent crimes are committed by people of color; but that is only because of location.  I can take you to Western Maryland and Central Virginia and show you white people who commit the same types of crimes.  Crimes that you will never here about on local news because these areas are far away from metro area.

I mentioned that to say that crime is not mutually exclusive to a person’s skin color.  it just depends on the location you live in.  Too may times I hear some (not all) white people say that black people are just too violent and are the cause of all the problems in the DC area.  Which I find interesting considering the fact, that I surround myself and know black people who are law abiding hard working people who have never committed a crime before.  We do exist and I find it offensive when I hear people make these types of comments. 

How would these people feel if black people like myself, stereotyped all white people based on the countless high school massacres that occur in suburban white high schools throughout the country?  How would these people feel if I assumed that all suburban white children were trigger happy killers?  That would be wrong on my part, and it is wrong when white people assume the same about black people.  But anways here is recap of things that went down this weekend in the DC area:

Fatal D.C. Club Shooting Prompts Closing, Questions

Two Shot, One Killed In PG: Police: Two Cars Drove By Firing Shots

Five In Custody After Nightclub Shooting
Victim Listed As Critical

Man Charged With Murdering His Brother

Robbers Attack Man With Gasoline


8 Responses

  1. Black on Black crime isn’t a new phenomenon. First, let me state that I agree – it is a function of where people live and it is usually a matter of poverty. When people get proper educations, escape poverty, and live in stable family situations, this kind of stuff decreases.

    Don’t you think it also has to do with expectations? I mean, in the white suburbs where I grew up, if someone got shot,it was like “holy shit — such n such got shot” (actually this never happened, but that WOULD have been the reaction). But in some of these peoples lives violence is just so commonplace I suspect it seems normal.

  2. bibliosk8er:

    You are right, it is about expectations. A lot of poor black communities have lost hope, therefore the expectations for the children are set very low. The sense of ocmmunity that a lot of black neighborhoods thrived off of are a thing of the past.

  3. Native..all the ignorant comments aside by the posters in other forums, the fact remains that we have a problem of epidemic proportions in our communities, and something needs to be done, not totally by law enforcement, but US as a people. Law enforcement is really nothing more than a bandage to a much bigger problem.

    We have to want better for ourselves and stop viewing education as “white”. We need to hold each other in high esteem and show respect. When that occurs, then that’s a huge step in the right direction.

  4. Gil:

    I hear you man. right on point. It is a mind set.

  5. I agree wit the last comment….WE as a people need to begin to hold ourselves accountable for the conditions and mindset of OUR people. Showing respect, giving love and praying about the plight of Black America isn’t enough. Faith without works never has and never will be enough to overcome “our” problem(s). There are so many organizations that would benefit tremendously from conscious, uplifting, encouraging and positive people of color such as we are. I know of an organization that was founded by a young lady from the Baltimore area. She’s been, over the past 5 years, advocating for more than Justice “Just Us” but no one is listening. Jump in the wagon and help wherever you can. Donate your time, talents and treasures to the uplift of OUR people. Visit and get involved. After all the people suffering the most is US!

  6. Nativeson, the sad part is that in so many of our homes there is a lack of real respect being taught to our children… I mean respect for self AND others. The average youngster now days has ABSOLUTELY no respect for themselves or those around them… it’s an all about “me” mentality… and anyone who crosses that will be delt with (usually by being shot). It’s so sad… and the saddest part is that there is no outrage in our communities. In other communities, when this happens, people come together and seek change as a community… however, we’re so divided as a people… I don’t know what it’s going to take to bring us together. I think the first step is that parents need to step up and start really raising their children!

  7. [quote]I can take you to Western Maryland and Central Virginia and show you white people who commit the same types of crimes. [/quote]

    Bro. you are killing me with your rationale.

    The city of Philadelphia had 100 people killed in the first quarter of 2007. 73% of the homicides were BLACK MALES. When you add Black females the rate goes into the 80’s.

    Why do you seem pacified that THE LOCATION EXPLAIN IS IT ALL?
    What about the QUANTITY of crime and homicides?

    The next Black man that is shot to death I should say “Oh well, its just where he was living”?

    Dude. You can’t be serious.

  8. Constructive Feedback:

    Once again your misunderstoond what I was trying to say. All I am saying is that crimes are committed everyday by all races. in some areas, there are committed more by a certain race of people; that’s all I am saying. The point i want to make is that crime is not mutually exclusive to a person’s skin color. Is black on black crime high in Philly? Yes it is; it is off the hook, but when a white person says that all black people are violent, then they have inlcuded you and I and others like us who have never committed crimes before. this type of thinking breeds discirmination. Do you understand what I am saying?

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