FOX News: Apologizes for Conyers/Jefferson Picture Mix-Up

Okay, FOX News  made a so-called mistake by posting a picture of Congressman John Conyers while reporting the Jefferson indictment. 

Some of the comments to this story have been typical: “get over it black people”, “big deal”, and  “it was an honest mistake”.

Boy, some of you just don’t get it.  I guess we all look a like in the eyes of main stream America.  In this country we are culturally conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize black people, so I guess to some of you, this isn’t a big deal, because you are not the one who is marginalized on a daily basis.  I think this was done on purpose because as we know, Conyers has a hate-hate relationship with FOX.  What do you think?


4 Responses

  1. Conyers is a bigot.

  2. Is he really? what proof do you have? And what is FOX News? an objective news media outlet? please….

  3. Thus far I have seen US Representative John Conyers OUTRAGE against Fox News more than I have heard any outrage that he has against the alleged criminal actions of US Representative William Jefferson.

    At last year’s Congressional Black Caucus annual gathering the crowd gave Jefferson a standing ovation at the promoting of Michael Eric Dyson.

    You all talk about “manufactured news”……the real news is WILLIAM JEFFERSON and not Fox News.

  4. Native Son:

    As a Black Man who samples the Bev Smith Show, the various talk show hosts on XM’s “The Power” and a local Black talk radio show it is my view that Black people don’t mind BIASED reporting.

    Black Progressive don’t like biased reporting that slants to the conservative/right.

    Please take a listen to the Bev Smith show or the others and tell me where their objectivity is?

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