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Republican Congressman: Illeagal Immigrants Hurting Blacks: I would have to say that Illegal immigration hurts all Americans.  I don’t understand why people don’t see that.  Until we create policy in this country, that not only makes it harder for all illegal immigrants to stay in this country AND penalize business and corporations who exploit them by paying them low wages, this problem will not get better.  I have no problem with immigrants who are in this country legally, but those who sneak over here, have kids and then cry foul when they are caught, claiming that they families would be separated if they went back, is not cutting it anymore. 

What really makes me so frustrated is that Democrats are going along with it; supporters of illegal immigrants say that this is a diversion by white people to cause a rift between black and brown people and Icould not DISAGREE with them more.  There is an estimated 12-20 million illegal immigrants in this country and they are hard working, just like most of the American people. But because they are hard working doesn’t make it right.  And the companies who employ illegal immigrants, to avoid paying Americans a living wage and maximize profits, need to be held financially fined for aiding in undercutting the American people.

Meanwhile I wish U.S. Attorney General Gonzalez would step down.  I don’t understand how anyone can have confidence in the Nation’s head attorney except for Bush.  This man is in charge of enforcing the law of the land including protection and enforcement of Civil Right’s of protected classes.  His own staff has testified giving damaging testimony about his awareness of the assistant attorney general firings. You can read about other alleged corruptions below including voter suppression of black voters.

Ex-Justice Aide Criticizes Gonzales While Admitting to Basing Hires on Politics

Monica’s Own Monica Problem

Former Justice official says Congress misled about Griffin

Black Voter Suppression

Voter Cagging

More on Voter Cagging

Rove’s Missing Emails Proves Cagging


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