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Then they wonder why black people don’t come forward with information to law enforcement agencies.  This is ridiculous!

FBI not liable for protecting informant, judge rules 

2 Killed, 15 Injured in Chain of Beltway Crashes: Md. Collisions Occur During Police Chase of Motorcycle– This was a horrible accident.  Do you think the police were right in chasing the motorcycle?  Could this have been handled differently?

As Car Charged Down, Man Lifted Son Up and Out of Its Perilous Path: Both Among Dozens Injured in Festival Crash in SE– This was just sad.  This shows the ugliness of crack and how bad it has affected our people in this country. 


2 Responses

  1. [quote]Then they wonder why black people don’t come forward with information to law enforcement agencies. This is ridiculous![/quote]

    So let me get this straight…..these people do their civic duty and “Snitch” on CRIMINALS in order to keep their community safe but you blame the FBI for failing to protect them?

    No doubt you are blaming the US Military in Iraq for failing to protect innocent Iraqis for what their country men and fellow Muslims are doing to them.

    What is your expectations of the community and of the CRIMINALS who are gunning for these people who work with the authorities? I have a suspicion that a successful prosecution of one of these thugs would mean “yet another Black man in jail” in your view.

    Why do you choose to outsource so much from the Black community?

  2. Constructive Feedback:

    you misunderstoond what I was trying to say. I can not stand this whole stop snitching sub-culture. Those who commit murders and who plauge their own communities with drugs need to go to jail.

    If a person gives information that puts a criminal in jail, then the FBI should make sure that these people are protected, that is all I am saying. There are some people who want to talk but are afraid of being killed. That’s what I was trying to say

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