Rep. Jefferson Indicted

After 2 years, Rep. Jefferson  has finally been indicted on 16 counts.  The 94 page indicted document, has some pretty damning accusations.  Republicans are asking that he be expelled from Congress, I find that funny since republicans did push for Delay to step down.

So here is the question.  Should he be expelled from Congress?  Or should they wait until his trial has ended? 

3 Responses

  1. While the evidence against Jefferson is overwhelming, I still believe in “innocent until proven guilty” and his right to defend himself. Given the past, current and future negative publicity this case has garnered, I think he will not be able to effectively serve his constituents. He should immediately step down and allow someone else to represent his district while he prepares his defense.

    As a native of Louisiana, I am embarrassed, and as Americans, we should all be outraged at the arrogance of those public officials who have violated and breached our trust.

  2. I have no love for Jefferson. I dont care what happens to him. But I guess I should wait for the trail to end to make a judgement.

  3. no I agree, he is such an idiot; 90, 000 in his freezer, but he maintains his innocence… And the people in his District just re-elected him in spite of this. makes you wonder sometimes

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