Scooter Libby: Going to the Slammer

Well it’s official, Scooter Libby  is going down; sentenced to 30 months for lying to the FBI about his role in the leak of a CIA officer’s identity.

To think that republicans are saying that he should be pardoned and that this is an injustice. Why?  Because he let Cheney  pimp him and set him out to dry? The biggest liars and thugs in this country, are sitting in the White House.  

G-Dub said that he will not pardon Libby.  Well of course he won’t.  He knows that Libby is taking the bullet for his right hand man Cheney.  And trust me, that deal was made long before libby was sentenced.  When libby gets out of the slammer, he will not have to worry about a job, he is in the right hand pocket of the elitist in This country who honor their people for their loyalty in lying and keeping secrets. 

Libby has been charged with a felony and unlike the average American that are released from prison and re-enter society, won’t be able to get a job. So I don’t feel sorry for this fool at all.  And i say they need to go after the Vice President next.


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  1. Another arrogant fool gets his due.

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