Interesting Local Stories

Well, well, well.  The NAACP cuts 40% of its staff to save money.  They selected Bruce Gordon based on his private industry connections.  They were going to use him to raise big bucks.  But they thought that they were to bring him on board and tell him what to do.  They wanted to use him as a figure head; pulling his strings like a puppet.  They did not want him to lead the Organization out of the mess it was in.  Its no wonder that he stepped down, and I don’t blame him.  The NAACP is controlled by a bunch of old stale folk who do not want to change.  You know things are bad when you have to close the NY office of any business. 

There is a difference between an elder and an old person.  An elder knows that they need to work with the youth and prepare them to take their place some day.  An old person thinks that just because they have the age, that you have to conform and do what they say; and as a result of this type of mentality, the NAACP is suffering and Julian Bond plays a huge role in that.

14 Indicted In Theft Of Luxury Vehicles: ‘Ring’ Was Based In Pr. George’s-Good!! Send all of their asses to jail!!!  Good job P.G. Police and FBI.  I am so tired of my county leading in car thefts in the area.  If these fools would have all worked together to open their own dealership legally, they could have had a profitable business; what a bunch of idiots.

Prince George’s PTA Council Has Charter Revoked-This is why the children in Prince George’s County can’t get it together, because the adults are screwed up.  How does a prominent well established county like Prince George’s County get their PTA charter revoked???


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  1. The Naacp needs to get their act together. How you doing my PG county brotha. Mark

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