Prosecutor in Duke Case to Resign

 I think that former prosecutor Michal Nifong is getting everything he deserves.  He used the racial tension that all ready existed in that part of NC to lure black people in really thinking that the Duke players raped this young black woman.  I also fell sorry for the duke Players who were charged; but three is something that is really bugging me; the broken justice system and how it affects black men.

I am not talking about those black men who in prison for proven crimes; I am talking about the hundreds of black men who have served 5, 10 and even sometimes 20 years for crimes they did not commit. 

After they conduct DNA test on these black men and their innocence is found, they are set free from prison and the state issues an half assed apology and sometimes compensated finacially.  But no amount of money can get their lives back.  How can ever have faith in our justice system after being imprsioned for almost a quarter of their lives?

Every year we hear of at least 3 cases where this happens, but there is not public outcry for these black men as for the Duke Players.  The community wants Niflong’s head on a platter (and rightfully so) but why is there no outrage when black men are falsy convicted and imprisoned?  Why do we not want the blood of those who but them in jail?? At least the Duke players did not have to spend time in jail and their families had the financial resources to hire the best attorneys.  There is a double standard in this country, but refuse to admit it. 


10 Responses

  1. <strong>I hesitated posting this comment that this person left for my page, but I thought it would be best to highlight how ignorant certain people are in this country. #1- Duke is not an Ivy league University, it is a private school. Duke’s reputation was not damaged from this rape case. #2 Just becuase this one case was proven to be false, does not negate the fact that rapes still occur in this country everyday, and some of them could be racially motivated. #3 i am sure there are some white people who in prison who may be innocent, but I gurantee you that the number of Black Americans who were falsy accused of crimes based on their skin color grossly out number white people.

    Native Son</strong>

    Why didn’t they put that black whore in prision since she is the one who accused the Duke players in the first place. The South is stereotyped by the rest of the nation and everyone was quick to believe that white men had molested this poor innocent black “exoitic dancer” who was just trying to support her kids because all their daddies had run off and were unknown to her.

    There are people who have worked very hard to make Duke into an ivy league school and all their efforts have gone down the drain because of another black woman who lied her head off about being attacked by white men and of course Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up to hype everything.

    There are a lot of black people who are in prision because they were innocent and unjustly convicted of crimes they never committed and that is a shame. To many other blacks however going to prision is something that is expected and is a mark of distinction. Going to prision is like earning their manhood.

    How does having such a situation effect the general welfare of a nation. What expectations should we have from the black community so that this situation changes.

    When blacks get into positions of power rather than helping the situation they act like Marion Barry or that Congressman who hid money in his freezer.

    There are whites in prision who are innocent too. In addition only poor people go to jail even tho the biggest criminals are on Wall Street and in the government.

  2. You don’t have to post this on your blog if you don’t want to obviously. I stand by everything I said. How would you feel if some white woman accused black men of rape unjustly?

    Clearly Nifong planned to roll along on a media circus of attacks against the “bigoted south” but it failed because Nifong and the media were not dealing with poor defenseless rednecks. They were dealing with people who could hire big time lawyers and fight back. The point here is that there is not a propaganda machine in place to whine and cry because of bigtry against southern white people. We just deal with it.

    I still say that black whore should go to prision.

    The only thing you care about are related to black America and black interests. If you wish to pit yourself against white America how would you have me respond. With political correctness and the philosophy that it is ok if there are two Americas. A place where you are free to express whatever opinion you please scapegoating and attacking white people while we must keep our mouths shut. In your dreams.

    Perhaps you should think twice before you pit yourself against others if you are not prepared to win any battles. Thats the problem with segregating yourself off, you never grow or learn when you just talk to others who agree with you. A lot of people will bend over backward to prove to you their not bigots. I don’t feel I need to prove a thing.

  3. Thesouthtoday:

    Oh you are funny. I can debate you any day of the year. You pose no threat to me. And if all you have to debate with is what you have posted on my site you are big trouble. There were holes all in your comments.

    No.1 I care about America as a whole, but I also will point out that racism still exist in this country, especially in the south.

    No2. I think Niflong is getting what he deserved. Like I keep saying, he used the existing raical tensions of that area to get elected.

    No.3 I don’t pit myself against white America, and you must think you have to prove something because you keep posting comments on my page.

    No.4 Out of all the cases where black men have been freed from prison after being cleared by DNA tests, not 1 prosecutor in those cases have been disbared and suspended. For the past couple of years, every 5 or 6 months we hear about cases where black men who have been imprisoned for decades are finally cleared because of DNA testing, and there is never public outrage like the Duke Players are getting. I am just saying that the justice system and the country as a whole has been culturally conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize people of color; You prove my point.

  4. That black whore started the whole thing. Why is she not being sued for the whole mess? is it that she’s black and people are scared in case they’re judged racist?
    Because of her and I’m not Saying Niflong is innocent he’s had his whole professional life going down the tube, as well as the families of those Duke players families who spent fortunes in court costs.
    It’s really sickening to think that whore gets off scott free.

  5. Wow I seem to be attracting a lot of ignorant people. If the State wants to press charges against her then they will. she is not a black whore, and from what the D.A. of NC was saying she has mental problems. I am not saying that she is innocent, but I am going to cal her a whore if she is mentally ill. The duke players lives were disrupted but trust me they will be ok. Niflong has been punished and rightfully so. But I guess some people won’t be satisfied until the woman in this case is hung?

  6. Those other posters love tossing around the “black whore” phrase, don’t they? If she’s a whore, what does that make the Duke lacrosse players who invited them into their residence? What kind of men cavort around with low-class women?

    I don’t care what anyone says, those Duke players brought trouble on themselves the moment they decided to get drunk and hire a bunch of strippers to come dance for them. The Duke lacrosse team has a history of this type of excessive behavior. It’s really interesting how all of a sudden, so many people think of them as innocent saints.

    The only people I would have sympathy for are the players who weren’t at the party. Those are the only ones who should be compensated by the school. The rest of them should learn to stay out of the gutter.

  7. Yeah lets blame the victims. Its all the Duke boys fault.

    You may find me amusing nativeson but you should listen to yourself. You talk time and again about innocent blacks going to prision then you blazely state that the Duke boys will be just fine as tho its no big deal to be falsely accused while you are in college attempting to make something of your life.

    If innocent blacks are going to prision in great numbers and this society is racist what is the solution to that? As far as I can tell poor whites are victimized just the same as poor blacks. It seems to me that it is poverty that is the key to problems in society.

    However I fail to see that blacks have made any progress by accusations of racism. Perhaps you can tell me how I as a white person have more control or say in what the government does than you do. Isn’t this government waging a war in the middle east even tho at least 75% of the population is against it. Isn’t this government allowing Mexicans to pour into this country even tho 95% of the population is against it and it is breaking our laws? Please tell me how I run the government and impose racism because I’m white.

    I am deeply worried because clearly we do not have control of our government and fairly soon we will be a minority in our own country. We will be in decline. The USA wil be a nation where nobody wishes to live.

    Would you rather be in the majority with a lower standard of living or would you rather be a minoirty in a great country run by Anglos? Why don’t you answer my questions if you can debate and you’re not treatened by me or my questions.

  8. TheSouthtoday:

    You are not listening to what I am saying. I am not blaming the Duke Players, they are the victims of Niflong; there is no disagreement with you there. Niflong is getting what he deserved. Niflong used the racial tension in that town, by keeping evidence that could have avoided all of this mess right now. He did this to hype his career and possibly get the support from the black community. He was wrong!!

    But what this case did was highlight an all ready existing problem in our justice system. That more times then we want to admit, people, especially black people be falsley accused and often times convited of crimes they did not commit. They are imprisoned for years and then once DNA testing is conducted, they are released from prison and the public does nothing. There is no public outcry like everyone is showing for the Duke Players!!

    The Duke Players were wronged and they deserve justice; but so do the many black men who went through the same thing. That is all I am saying. Do you understand where I am coming from now?

    And to answer your question about racism; you may not be the problem. Just because you may not have any power doesn’t mean that there are not any other white people that are racist. You and someone else that posted comments on page kept replying to the woman in the Duke case as a Black Whore. There was no need for you to keep indicating that she was black. what if the girl was white? Would you have referred to her as a white whore? Or just a whore?

    And even though the Duke players have been traumatized by this incident (and rightfully so) they did not have to go to prison for years before the truth came out. I am not trying to diminish what they went through, but when you compare it to others who had to go to jail for years just to be found innocent, it is good thing that they didn’t have to go through that.

  9. What racial tension was there in that community? All I saw were whites and blacks taking to the streets and using every microphone to denounce the Duke players and convict them. We’re lucky they didn’t git a rope. I didn’t see anyone speaking out on behalf of the white accused so what racial tension?

    Everyone was attempting to project a pro black attitude. we are programmed to act guilty for things done in the past that we had nothing to do with and no control over. I refuse to act that way. I don’t think blacks or Jews or anyone else should get a free ride bacause of history which has nothing more to do with what is happening today than Reconstruction or the Inquistion. I am sick of political correctness.

    What if racism was as real as you say it is. Where would you be then. You can appeal to fellow blacks and lament the situation all you want to but it is white people who will be the deciding factor over the fate of blacks. It is whites who do the work to help those wrongly convicted and unfortunately they help only black people. Any wrongly convicted black man is purely ancedotal btw and is proof of absolutely nothing. There would have to be scientific evidence and numbers that show more blacks are wrongly convicted than whites and there is no such data.

    If white Americans say that Israel has a right to exist than Israel has a right to exist. If white Americans say Israel is wrong than it is wrong. It is whatever we say it is. The same is true of blacks. Your condition is completely dependent upon a white society. You can talk all you want to but the fact is you can’t back up anything. So where does it all end up? you end up with a situtation like the Duke boys? What is that worth? I’d be ashamed to beneift from such a situation because it means nothing regarding black progress. It is an outcome of political correctness which was given to us by liberal jews. They champion blacks in order to not stand out as a minority themselves. Many liberal jews have told me, “I marched with blacks” I tell them I’ve lived with blacks. Southern whites always have.

    Blacks are not economically better off. You are not smarter or more powerful or better able to govern yourselves. It is empty and meaningless except the degree of silent resentment it causes among thoughtful people who see what is happening.

    How many more blacks will graduate from ivy league schools or how many more will register at Duke. Political correctness is a way to allow you to vent but make no mistake if blacks were truly making progress that threatened the status quo you would have your legs cut out from under you. Wise up.

    The people of Darfur will starve because that is how the United states and other governments deal with people who breed like flies but can’t feed themselves. The earth can’t sustain them so they die of starvation, disease and civil war and it is allowed.

    The only reason the government is talking about Darfur is so they can use it to enter Africa, build bases and plunder the oil, diamonds and other resources. Just think, you’ll help them do it. Blacks don’t even see what is happening. Everyone is happy to give you all the room you want to talk about Duke because it is completely meaningless. You threaten nothing.

    It seems to me that blacks would be a lot better off to live sucessful, profitable lives rather than sit around and cry in their beer over how racist whitey is. Why don’t you get a clue. What do you think blacks will ever be able to do in America? Just what you are allowed to do. Why do you think I don’t want to be a minority in my own country. If obama threatened the status quo do you think he’d be running for president. He is whiter than some of the white candidates but once again he’ll get help from hapless, clueless blacks. I should just leave you in your little black blog community.

  10. Thesouthtoday:

    okay I have stated my opinion on this issue and it appearsthat you don’t understand. So we agree to disagree. But I will end with this:

    In this country we are culturally conditioned to believe that white is superior and black is inferior;

    And the manifestation of this cultural conditioning is that black people are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized.

    But I am sure you don’t understand that either……

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