Bloomberg: An independent?

NY Mayor and billionaire Bloomberg, announced he is dumping his GOP family.  It is the talk of the town, with the anticipation that he will put his hat in the race for President of the United States. 

So what does all of these mean? Does it mean that he is changing his political philosophy and views? Will he be the people’s President being in the middle of the read catering to both parties? 

The answer in my opinion is no.  I think he only dropped the GOP affiliation because the GOP candidates in the race now our bland and stale.  There personalities are grabbing the members of the GOP.  In other words, none of the GOP Candidates are sexy.  They don’t have a rock star like Obama, or a strong personality person like Clinton, or a gentle giant like Edwards.  So Bloomberg has to do something to seperate him self from the none sexy GOP candidates…


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