GOP: Ex-Interior Official Begs for Mercy; Ugh What else is new with the GOP?

Awww it appears that former U.S. Dept. of Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles is trying to pull a Paris Hilton on the federal court system by asking the Judge to grant him home detention instead of jail time.

I need someone to take a count of how many Bush appointed officials and staff have been in charged, convicted or connected with illegal activity. This administration has to have broken a record on the number of public officials caught lying, cheating and putting other government officials in harms way. 

I mean Scooter Libby , who bit the bullet for his boss, Vice President Cheney, has filed an appeal to delay him going to jail.  Conservative talk show host are proclaming that lil’ Scooter should be pardoned right away; they calim that this is a miscarriage of justice.  But when asked why they feel that lil’ Scooter should be pardoned, they claim because he is not charged with leaking the identity of the CIA operative.  Well my question to all the nay sayers is; Who leaked the name orginally?  The answer is the Vice President.  but they are too afraid to call out the Vice president of the United States, so I will do


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