Illinois man charged in deaths of wife, 3 children

When this story first broke last week, police authorities proclaimed that the husband was not a suspect in the shooting and murder of his wife and three kids.  Police found a family (husband, wife and 3 kids) shot in their SUV.  The husband was the only one who survived.

Usually, when cases like this take place, there is suspicion for the person who survives.  I want to know what evidence or what led did the police last week to make the statement that the husband was not a suspect; not even a person of interest?  They hadn’t even started their investigation.

Now one week later, police have arrested the Husband/Father!!  They arrested him at the funeral home where the services for his family were going to be held.  I want to also extend my condolensenes to the family members and keep them in my prayers.  But really really would like to know why the police sais that he was not a suspect or person of interested even before they have started or completed their investigation.


2 Responses

  1. Good Morning Native Son:

    Well, the cops generally try not to prejudice the potential jury pool or try to make the suspect more at ease (as to not make him or her flee), just like that guy Bobby Cutts up in Ohio, they didn’t say he was a suspect and made sure to say he was not, al the while investigating him.

    I can understand them not wanting to tip their hand too soon.

  2. DJ Black Adam:

    I can understand them not wanting to tip their hat too soon. Maybe that what they were trying to accomplish.

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