Vice President Cheney: Claims his position isn’t apart of the Executive Office of the President

This Administration has bent so many laws that is pathetic.  They manipulate and bend laws for their advantage and no one is holding these people responsible. 

Congress barks about the absue of power from time to time, but no action has been taken.  Vice President Cheney has to be the biggest offender of abuse of power.  He has everyone by the balls and I want to know what he has that keeps people for going after him. 

Read this editorial written by Eugene Robinson in today’s Washington Post.  Cheney actually said that he does not fall under the Office of the President.  Cheney is the Darth Vader of the Bush Administration. I think papers need to drawn for articles of impeachment.  I think it would be justified.


One Response

  1. Dick Cheney is without a doubt one of the smartest and most evil men ever associated with our government. A true scumbag. And it is a disgrace that a sitting president would allow this kind of bullshit to happen and to continue. It is proof positive that Bush is a moron and puppet. DISGRACE.

    That day that Cheney’s little black heart suffers a heart attack, and he keels over face first in a bowl of cereal in front of his horrid wife at the breakfast table, I will have a huge “the Beast is Dead” party.

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