Jessie Marie Davis and Stepha Henry

Stepha Henry Reward goes up to $6,000

Stepha Henry


Please let us not forget about Stepha Henry.  It almost seems like the media can only focus on one thing at a time.  Stepha has been missing since Memorial Day Weekend.  she was last seen at a club in Florida.  Stepha and her 16 y/o sister were visiting Florida; they are from NY.  Stepha was an honor student and college student majoring in Criminal Justice; she was on her way to Law School.  Her parents have have temporarly moved from NY to Florida and are searching for her day and night.  Her mother said she will not leave Florida until she finds her daughter.  She has been doing her on investigative work and found a witness; the police are saying that they had all ready interviewed him, but why didn’t they let Stepha’s mother know this?  Where are the search groups for Stepha?

Where is the media coverage for her?  I saw a couple of stories a few weeks ago about Stepha on the news, but not much at all.  Thank goodness America’s Most Wanted profiled her case.  So as we mourn Jessie Marie Davis, please do not forget about Stepha Henry; and the countles other people who are missing in this country.


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  1. You know, they tried to cancel America’s Most Wanted at one time. I’m so glad they didn’t. If it weren’t for this show, a lot of cases would never get any type of media attention. A lot of criminals would still be running the streets. With the way the world is now, AMW needs to be a permanant fixture on American TV.

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