Isaiah Washington Opens up in Newsweek Magazine Interview

Isaiah Washington is claiming that racism played a part in his firing.  Some staff member claimed that some people were afraid of his presence. 

When this first broke, Washington claimed he never called T.R. Knight the F word.  Then he issued an apology and said he would reach out to the gay and lesbian community and seek help.  if he did all of that, then doesn’t that mean that he did call T.R. Knight the F-word?

Now after ABC not renewing his contract, he is claiming that racism played a role in his firing. 

I don’t know Washington, or what went on that set, but there is another black man and woman left on the show and they seem to be doing fine.  And let’s not forget that the shows creator and head writer is a sister as well.  So I am going to take a leap on this one and say, that his firing was not because of racism. 


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  1. Shonda Rhimes actually sold out. In fact, in a recent interview she’s now saying she’s the one that fired Isaiah. Perhaps Rhimes is telling the truth. But I think at the end of the day ABC had the final say. The president of ABC actually is pissed because Isaiah has moved on the NBC and he’s got a new development deal over there. And Isaiah will be a guest star on a show called the bionic woman.
    I have written about Isaiah Washington on my own blog. I will be blunt I don’t believe Isaiah should of been fired from Grey’s Anatomy. Yes Isaiah was wrong with the gay slur he used. However, black gay activists, black feminists, black lesbians, black gay men, even white feminists have been writing for years about the hypocrisy and racism of white gay men. There is a white gay mafia in America that has a lot of power and influence. And they used their power and influence to get Isaiah fired. Any black person that thinks white gay people give a fuck about black people have a rude awakening coming.

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