13 y/o Girl Shot Dead

A teenager was shot in her family’s ice cream truck.  I am so pissed over this.  A young girl is dead because of ignorant fool who tripped out.  I am so sick and tired of the senseless violence. 

The Post wrote that Briona Porter, who turned 13 last month, was struck late Friday while she, her mother and a family friend were stopped on a Waldorf street, checking out the truck’s operation.

When the suspect approached the ice cream truck they told him that they were doing a test run and did not have any money; and this idiot opened fire and struck the young sister in her back

“Mommy,” she told her mother, “he hit me. Mommy, it hurts.”

Briona was to start eighth grade in the fall at John Hanson Middle School in Waldorf. She liked math and home economics, her mother said, and was on the school’s step-dancing team. She was also active in the youth ministry at her church, Judah Temple AME Zion in Mitchellville.

I am so mad this morning, we live in the Nation’s Capital and crime is overflowing in the city and in the suburbs.  Should we not be the example for the rest of the country?  Or is this a reflection of our society at large.  There are some people in our community who do not value their lives and therefore could care less about the lives of others.  I am sick of it.  It is time for citizens of the D.C. area to demand that lawmakers enforce the laws that are in in the books. 

Where is the Charles County NAACP?  Where is the Charles County Council?  Why have they not spoken out to express outrage?  Where are you!!!  Where is the leadership????

I want Kevin Warren caught and prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.  This makes no sense.  You are a punk, you are a fucking coward!!! 


4 Responses

  1. My sentiments exactly, Native. In addition to that, there was other senseless violence around the region this weekend. When does the madness stop? I hope the 4th of july holiday is peaceful.


  2. We had a tragic murder of a 13 year old girl here in Chicago on the North SIde (Logan Square).

    It is sad, it is open season on children by maniacs.

  3. This is a terrible tragedy. I feel so bad for this girls family. She looks just like my very own daughter. There is no punishment that could possibly serve justice for Briona’s Family. This makes me extremely angry. how can we rid our communities of the low life scum that prey upon the good honest hard working people that become victims just trying to make a better life for yourself….we need leadership now!

  4. Good post Native you already know how I feel about this madness.

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