Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is on his way in breaking Aaron’s record.  Aaron has all ready said that he will not be there; some think because of Bond’s alleged steroid/performance enhancer usage, but Aaron has denied that is the reason. 

So do you think that Bonds deserves to be celebrated for breaking Aaron’s record?  Should Arron attend the games and/or the ceremony?

Also in the last game Bond played, two players were able to make it off on the field so Bonds has asked for beefed up security.  We all are aware of what happened when Hank Aaron. He was getting hundred of death threats because he was about to break Babe Ruth’s record.  So should Bond get extra security as he is set to break Aaron’s record?


One Response

  1. Sure, keep the guy safe. BUT as far as the record, its invalid as far as I’m concerned, him, Sosa, McGuire, etc., all have tainted legacies.

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