President Bush: Get out of Jail Free Card for Libby; Mission Accomplished

Let me get this straight.  Libby is charged with lying about what he knew about the CIA leak.  Valerie Plame’s identity was compromised by the White House.  We all know that someone in the White House leaked this Lady’s name; and his name is Dick Cheney. 

So of course no one dares to blame Vice President Cheney, so all they had was Libby lying about what he knew about the leak; he was basically covering his bosses ass.   The conservatives and those in main stream America have been jumping on the President to Commute or pardon Libby and he gave in. 

The Elitist in this country make it loud and clear: if you are loyal to us, no matter what we do, we will cover for you. 

In his press release, Bush admits that lying under oath is a serious issue and that his family has suffered enough.  Not only is Bush admitting that Libby is guilty, the judges who convicted him were Republican appointees.  Bush also stated that the $250,000 penality is harsh enough and he will likely loose his law liscence.  We all know that Libby will not be hard up for a job, the elitist will make sure that he is well taken care of.  Some people in main stream America just don’t know how good they have it. 

Conservative elitist are powerful, wealthy people who do anything they want.  Just look at the Bush Administration; the planned and plotted to invade Iraq well before 9-11.  Thery lie and bully their way through the Constitution in order to maintain power and will use any means necessary to maintain it; including lie cheat and steal. 

Republicans and moderate republicans stand behind these elitists as if they are apart of the group.  To my republican friends, you may think the President is on your side, but he really is not; he and his people are agents ofthe elitist in this country, they partner with you because you share some of their conservative ideas, but other then that, they could care less about you.  Look how they dropped the evangelicals; the are now failing the rest of you……..

A Decision Made Largely Alone

Too Much Mercy: Scooter Libby’s prison sentence was excessive, but so is President Bush’s commutation


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